Maximum score of a Raid


the last time I saw a very low rank get first place so you can always see something … (Although you’re right that any … can get that score) but a noob does not :v


Hum Azpald-5368 is always cheating… he waited just before the reset to stay under the radar but did this score on raid 5:
And a other one well known too, Ipakerok-8296, perfect run in raid 5:
Score that is impossible because you always take at least 2 damages whatever you do. So Azpald took one damage to have his score and Ipakerok took no damage.


Sent this PM @Sarah247 his ban cheaters!


Soo what’s the news about raid?


I can’t explain about your word’s…


Im so glad they finally removed raids hackers! @Nagibator , long time coming yea?


As soon as I learned how to reset the company, I recorded the video and gave it to the developers for correction, I never did reset the company myself. Unlike you!!! You did reset companies repeatedly, you cheater!!!
Two weeks in a row I’m in first place in the RAID, only just because cheaters no more!!! I’ve never used cheats and exploits! Before you accuse me of cheating, think about it…! Once I accused Doge and it was a mistake! I apologized to him! Are you ready to admit your mistake??? I’m ready to show my video of the RAID! And if it’s fair, are you ready to delete your cheater account? Accept an offer?


I just didnt bother replying to him because he is so idiotic lol


I’d like to see the video too actually.


Ok, but Apure delete cheating account - KEVIN is KEVIN! -2649 (reset lvl and company)


I have no control over that account so I can’t guarantee that.


May I see the replay too? It never hurts to be sure.


Guys I’m not going to teach anyone to do the RAID perfectly! The forum has had similar issues and some players have discovered the secret of how to avoid damage or to get it low, read the forum include the brain and you will succeed!

How to get the maximum rating in the raid?



So its okay if you ask the players to post a video about their gameplay when they have higher score than you but when they ask you to do the same you refuse… I see.
There are lots of other players with the same weapons and stuff as you but yet you still overtake them somehow. And I wouldn’t say that you are smarter or better at this game then them because I saw your replays.
Not to mention that you scored higher than a cheater.
So please upload that video and I’ll apologize as you did to doge.


Aside from weapons there is arena shop, and I pumped energy damage specifically for the RAID!


Im sure that players like Nyx and Andernut did the same since they are using energy mechs even in pvp battles.
Just post the video or we’ll think you exploit something.
And if you are worried that you won’t get the 500 tokens you shouldn’t worry because Fluxeon said that if the players at the first places have the same score all of them gonna get the 500 tokens.
So if you can reach the highest possible score you shouldn’t be affraid of losing against players who can score the same as you.


Additionaly @Nagibator I will not share this video with anybody and Im nowhere near top raid finisher status, I dont have the weapons. You top place is safe with me, just show us the video to prove your legitmacy


Video I not was recording, but…
From opponents with a distance of 1 I got 2 damage for two hits
From the boss I got 2 damage for two blows
Opponents of distance 3-6 I got 1 damage per shot
And how I did it, I will not tell!

How to get the maximum rating in the raid?

Suspicous, you are.