Maximum score of a Raid


how much have you spent?


You know…That’s actually pretty funny if you think about it…


One bug here and one bug there,one here one there
Everywhere just bugs


this situation is hurting me. There’s no fun playing Raid. You do perfect score (when you are extremly lucky) and you find the worst noob in 1st position.
You don’t do perfect score, almost 98%, and you are 6000th.

How the hell it works the system ranking?
It’s really frustrating.

When you will fix this situation?
@Sarah247 @Mohadib


As far as I saw, last Raid result was first time clean from cheaters :exclamation:


So you mean the Raid system / ranking by itself …its like to easy, so “everybody” can be first / Top10 with some luck or played at the right time :question:


I’m not sure if it was clean, anway:

this guy is 4th. I’ve finished the first wave with damage taken of 1hp and I’m 7094 in rank.
How does it work?


Again cheater @Sarah247 give him a ban.
Guys report on him @Sarah247


One more cheater!

He cheated in the last raid!


They are still here?
Damn what is even @Sarah247 doin?




Here, the video from today’s raid :


It is percentage of hp remaining that determines the score.

It is not linear btw.


That remains strange


Look at this!

Cheaters are gone!
You must be happy @Nagibator


Wait a few weeks and then see. I’m not holding my breathe just because they don’t appear one week, they may appear another.

but for today, gratzi nagi for top


Wish they still got rekt…
Btw gratzi is a Italian word?


I don’t believe it is. I just like saying it over congrats (it’s a lazy thing) lmao

anywhoo off topic


Ah k
(short off topic talk)


Uhm…I don’t know.
Let us see if there are cheaters in the next raid…


Any idiot can get 1300. Wait til the end of it, then see.