Maximum score of a Raid


Remember what someone said in this topic (i think it was here), they may have completed it prior to you noticing. So they may of taken the item off.

(lemme check their mech see if that lines up.)


How could you even possibly know that? Stop calling everybody a cheater who doesn’t show every item of his on his first three mechs.



This isn’t the PVP points topic…

This is ONLY for Raid. If you believe someone is cheating in ranked pvp. Send the screenshot and any other evidence to Sarah.


it’s not hacker in PvP it’s just a curious graphic bug


Ah yea, apologies. Was an “automated” response. I’ve seen that happen before, found it odd tbh


Yes, there are still a lot of bugs in this game :exclamation:

As you said correct, also ranking is shown incorrect since years now (view from player to player about the ranking is different) :exclamation:



lol that’s never gonna happen. He’s a protected character. immune.


Alot of known cheaters and hackers are on the same protection list.
The fact is that i kind of find it normal… since they provide TS with more benefits then they do harm.
It is like they have their own game… the rest are just here to provide $…


Many weeks in a row cheaters were at the top! Among majority cheaters my charges are trapped on some honest players!

Doge forgive me for the false accusation!


Great job! I do the same except I don 't have Valiant sniper :frowning: So I’m hut 3-4 extra times.
This is clearly the best score a player can get in this round. Congrats! Clear win!


Do you think this player is capable of such a score?



Can you send this to sarah? Im tired and you already have the post and screenshots put together…


Btw the previous hacker that we were talking about earlier is now gone, seems the pm worked again


Such score is possible, if he has CORRUPT LIGHT, MAGMA BLAST or SORROW, not improved VALIANT SNIPER (150-151 energy drain) and MAXIMUM PROTECTOR, if he does not have at least one of these items, then he cheater!


Me too, but not yet.


Hum you forgot the most essential weapon in this raid 6 wich is crimson rapture Nagi :wink:


I send her the same thing. So yeh it worked


Hey…that’s my place!!!


I kill myself setting up custom configurations, and even so I do not reach number 10. However, players with beginner mechs, reach the first places…

The traps continue, and nobody does anything!

Instead, I upload repetitions to guide, there is nothing to hide if you are an honest and legal player. Do not you think?