Maximum score of a Raid


Would it be an idea to increase the strength of the raid due to the Arena Coins you can now get?


And have every low tier player complain about it? probably, but depends on how strong they decide to buff it. Too much and people will just get rage over it.


Yeah make it harder . I like when everyone whines


Well How about they buff it as following?

Lvl 1: No change

Lvl 2: No change

Lvl 3: +5% to all stats

Lvl 4: +10% to all stats

Lvl 5 +20% to all stats

Lvl 6 + 25% to all stats


But that would not solve the problem with the cheaters, who start with 2 turns :exclamation:


That seems pretty fair, although I wouldn’t go for 20-25% maybe 15-19% at max. Feel like 25% of any of the mobs is pretty overpowered, even for arena skills.

some testing would be required prior to it going live is what I mean


i dont think that would help for weaker people not to be mean


The most people can perfect it in a legit way the better to me, I won’t tweak raid if it was up to me.


Cheaters are still with us.


Whats up with the players between the two red squares? Your 19 360 is possible but 19 202 and 19 178 are not?


Those three* are known cheaters that were always at the top (above Nagi) previously. Now they’re just slightly below, it’s calling them out for still being around. Even though there was mention of reported cheaters having been “banned”.


What about that Nyx guy then? He was there too but he ins’t highlighted.
And im pretty sure they haven’t banned the others either.


The difference between Nyx and the others is, Nyx has a very capable heat/energy mech that can get this tier nearly or truly perfect. While the others either have trash epic mechs, or maybe one myth/rest full leg mechs.

So you can clearly see by looking at their mechs that one is capable of getting these scores. While the others are not.


Doesn’t seem like a valid reason since you can see only three of their mechs and not their entire workshop. Good point tho, you might be right.



Correct, to accuse you need proves, not speculation :exclamation:

The real cheaters were/are the ones with perfect score last 4/5 weeks at the end of the Raid - thats mathematically and technically (praxis) proven.

Also someone - @Xcheat gave the prove that there is a program, which let you start with 2 turns at Raid, which explain, how the cheaters did/do it every single week :exclamation:



Ipakerok :heart_eyes:



I don’t tolerate to be associated with these guys (known cheaters). So i will do something that they can’t do, i will show you a replay of my today’s raid to clear thing up :wink:

P.S. Sorry for the vid it’s super laggy :frowning: old laptop…


I only mentioned you because @Transcendant posted a picture here 22 days ago where he mentioned that all the top 10 cheated its scores and you were in there too.


I don’t recall Nyx/Myos being there. But my apologies if they were. I know they’re a legit player. The rest (with garbage mechs) are hardly legit.


No tiene sentido llegar al máximo score, porque te matas para que te terminen bajando después, porque el score máximo no llega a más y cualquiera llegue alcanzarlo te baja XD!
< Lo ideal es 250 tokens