Maximum score of a Raid


Call me lol

Yeah i want to know how he done that


What about iron boots and redeemer?btw,he’s a cheater


Oh shot,you are right.I was almostly blind.But that dosen’t matter cus his wepon’s must be legy and myth so he can be maxed scored…So yeh his wepons are just epic’s
Thank’s for reminding me for telling that he has good troso and leg


Pm his score and picture of his mech to sarah. Thats what I do when I see an obvious cheater and the cheater always gets banned.


This is nonsense, @Sarah247 will never get banned cheaters in the Raid


At least xXx is not here anymore!
Nah maybe he got eastere’d


Just wait for it, he’ll pop up.


I have done it twice, both times cheater banned.


of course…Of course…they will just prepeare of their hax.


Hackers nowadays can usually outsmart any bloody anti cheat, get around bans (this I’ve seen way too often) and cause havoc to games without a single care in the world.

Only a matter of time before shit hits the fan again


Just don’t ask me


Then do it again, and I’ll be grateful.

P. s. My English wants the best


Sent, usually the reply is made in 2-3 days.


I’ve sent her a message.
About that hacker.


Thank you guys =)))))))))))))))))))))))


No problem! You can message to her too if you want to.


So is it possible? You are perfect so far . I am interested for you to tell us all how you did it. Last level I took damage no matter what weapon I used . Tell us how this is possible .


123x1.13% =139 drain dmg and push to range 4.
Boss needs to hop twice to get to you.
It is in the pic he posted.
Glass recived 1 dmg… cause he did not fully drain the boss… and recived drone dmg.


A tip to get perfect scores:
raid 1&2&3: any high damaged/high drain weapon(shotguns,nightfall,valiant,magma…)
raid 4: high heat dmg weapon(corrupt night, savagery, magma blast)
raid 5&6: high heat dmg weapon+ hight drain dmg weapon

best build for raids: any torso, high shields, 1 magma blast, 1 mercy, 1 corrupt light, 1 savagery, 1 valiant sniper.


So it is possible which is great . How are players with those inferior weapons doing the same then ? A