Maximum score of a Raid


Never apparently. Because if it’s not these guys defending it by saying it’s the games fault for having an exploit. It’s them saying they don’t care because the company is incompetent, or or it was a glitch and they didn’t mean for it to happen (yeah sure). Or the best one, silenced once questioned.

@Mohadib you and your team really need to start focusing your resources on these very issues that continue to plague this game. You want your reputation to be the best it can, right?

Then you start by rounding up all of the cheaters, and banning them. Using them as examples, that you and your team will not stand for cheaters or anyone exploiting bugs, glitched etcs.

I’m honestly tired of this every week and still no solid response as to if, how or when you’re going to fix it. That and the plethora of issues still left ignored.

You guys would be earning so much more revenue, having more players on, and honestly enjoying this game more if you guys focused on these issues. You have poor Nagibator here continuing to tell you guys to do something about it.

Please, I usually try not to speak for the rest of the community due to differing opinions. But we can all agree, the game would be better if you guys focused on these issues and made the whole game better for everyone.


Exactly this kind of players, the once who cheat every single week the Raid with 3rd party programs and/or exploiting bugs/glitches, are the once, who …

  • cheat only for their own advantage (tokens / Gold)

  • steal this tokens / Gold from honest playing players

  • talking nonsense about tacticsoft a lot

  • spit on tacticsoft AND all honest playing players doing it every single week, even ALL can see it AND know it :exclamation:

And at @Nagibator, no need to exclude Welcome Top The List from that list, only because he is in your clan … be straight, as you claim to be :exclamation:

His result is also not possible without cheat :exclamation:



Actually,I made the maths a couple days back out of curiosity and I can tell,his 27,047 score is possible.
27,246 though,not really.
You could get around 27,150 (a little less) but not more as an honest (and with a great arsenal) player.


Top 7 players who earn all week maximum points, if u read this comment, can somebody upload a video how u do? :slight_smile: I am really interested as so many players in the game :slight_smile:
Don’t be shy ^ - ^



He is being as unbiased and honest as possible. Please do not make this about clans.

His score checks out. As for the other 9, their’s do not. Which is the problem, they’re exposed each and every week. Yet Mohadib does nothing, and says nothing.

I’m starting to believe he doesn’t know what’s wrong or what he’s doing at this point.


@Sarah247 @Mohadib I would like to see your comments, why you ignore it!!!

Gold Rush Is live!

My opinion is that the cheating players are probably big spenders in the game, and banning them would not be economically viable.

The truth is that the exploits should be fixed, and that some tech savvy players are always going to exploit them.


Talk to Raul Roque Aleman one day and ask him “How do you get such a perfect score always in the raid” and he answered saying … only fighting image


Did they fix it? Where are all the cheaters?


On Easter Holiday lol


Give it another 5-10 hours. You’ll start seeing them pile up.


May I also ask what method you do for get that lovely full score? Do you go


Energy and Heat =))))))


Since you’ve made a perfect score I can’t see how could you spot a cheater. Since its possible to score perfectly.


Garbage mechs with legendaries or epics that get 13,000. Pretty easy to spot, since a few of the cheaters run these types of mechs.


They got arrested by swat police because of hacking lol


And here is the first cheater!

It helped me to make the perfect score


Yeah i saw that lol…
Oh god he is rank 15


Why would you look at that…no myth and legy?
Yup he is cheating


I want to know how.