Maximum score of a Raid


@Sarah247 pay attention to the players whose score is higher than mine!!!
Killin I hope you are banned!

Here is my outcome, I received for the entire raid 6dmg


You’re missing 6 health… that can drastically change your scores, can it not?


5 opponents and boss will hit you once anyway, my score is the best. Better only cheaters=)




Watch this be ignored, or replied to with some sarcastic “Lol” because they won’t admit they’re cheating.


Well, according to another player who has received the same amount of damage in the same raid once the max HP are also important.

The statement is somewhere in the forum.
He posted that he received different scores although he had the same damage received.
The difference was that when he got the better score he had higher max HP.

So the score is not just based on damage but on the proportion of remaining HP : max HP.

So if Killin has a higher max HP than you and received only 6 points of damage like you did then his ratio of remaining HP : max HP would be better than yours and he would receive a bit more score than you.

Found that post again:


It doesn’t work!!! I checked in the evidence I will later post a screenshot of the ending Raid with max HP


Ranking of Raid is ridicolous. I still don’t understand how to be in the top 10


My max Hp result


Lmao the repair drone bug


@CloudedSunrise is right.
The HP factor in the score formula is based of % of the Max HP, not on how many points of damage (in number) you took. For one player 20 damage points can be 5% and for someone else only 1%. You can get 100% of the health score bonus if you never took a hit, or 99%, or 50% etc. It’s always in % of the Max HP.


based on that, let’s analyse Nagi’s result.
1st time he took 6 dmg, from a total of 1499, so that ends up 99,5997%. Raid score 7353 points.
2nd run he took 6 dmg out of 2206, so that meens 99,728 %.Raid score 7418 points
So for 0.1283% diference between the proportions %, he got and extra 65 points.
the diference between killins score and his is 165, that means killing got 0.2357 % better % then the 99,728% of Nagis, and that sums up a total nice score of Killins of 100.005%, in other words that is
In other words, he never got hit!!! Or based on the diference of Hp on the Nagis build.
1499 Vs 2206, is 707 hp for 0.1283%.
If we extrapolate that Killin Hp =x.
X Vs 2206 hp, for .02357%, that places Killin’s Hp in the nice area of 3873Hp.
Altho imposible to achive.
Math hates us all.
PS: you get hit minim of 6 times.
I leave this to your decision if it is posible.


Please, thats not answer of this problem…


Nagibator will win top 1-3 if there is no cheater. This is not fair for Nagibator… Please respect him


I just got served by math again :slight_smile:

if my intuition is right…and memory serves me well, Seucucaeu, is a brasilian also, i think i know him from the steam comunity.


You will see LeoShiward again, Im lazy to see that…


lol nunca pense en eso, drone repair rules XD!


You made a mistake:

You assumed that it is a linear decrease in score for the percentage of remaining HP to max HP.
But as we know from the first raid the score falls far faster than the HP rate.
So it is most likely some kind of equation for the score including (percentage)^2 or so as factor.
Therefore it is possible to have a far higher score if you got just 0.1% less damage.
So if a player has some myth HP-plates getting that higher score could be possible.


nope it is linear…double checked it again, using my build.
there is also a linear proportion to the score and hp %.The more hp you have the better, but that still remains as %.
Minimum dmg you can take is 6, so it is a constant, the only variables are the HP that you start with and the score that you obtain.
If for example you only take 5, or less 4 dmg, the % from hp transfers to the % of the score.
But funny that you assume my math is wrong, and that their results are legit.
1st none of them pack myth hp plates. You can see their regula replays in ladder and see that they don’t pack myth hp plates.
2nd i am pretty sure that there isn’t a way to beat this raid without taking dmg.And just checked also, the repair drone doesnt work, the dmg it is still cumulative even if you finish the raid with full hp from repair drone.


supongo era mucho soñar el drone repair funcionase, una pena fusione todos XD!