Maximum GOAT! - Item List




I guess I’ve included everything that was posted until now, thank you all very very much for sharing stats! :smiley:


I just saw that you have the epic Heat sword and the C-E - Version of Abomination (whatever might be their names) - would you post the stats?


Sure! Here you go.


So uhm… What is Goat I have seen the letters on a few peoples names… Thought it was some kind of in joke. If OPs lists are any guidelines i guess, I have a mech build along those lines… though i picked parts based on how they looked. So, I have no idea, but some of these mecha in this thread are downright unsettling.


GOAT is a special competition, organized by @El_Metre. Forum members fight each other with individual mech builds, that are not allowed to contain any items above the maximum level of Epic 1. These battles take place within a Single-elimination tournament.
The last GOAT tournament just ended, you can read more about it here (sign up) and here (battle pairings and results of the last finished GOAT tournament).

On a side note, if you are interested in getting an effective mech, win more battles and raise your rank, you should not necessarily base your mech builds solely on looks. But if you just want to have fun, that’s, of course, okay, too :smiley:


Btw, does anybody know the name of the C-E version of Spartan Carnage? Or could even show the stats? :slight_smile:


Rapid Destruction I believe




lmao this is funny, the R+E version is 51kgs, the leg is 80 something (i forgot), the mythical version is 51.

what logic is this TS


None that makes sense, I guess :laughing:
Maybe an old partly reverted nerf? Or just a typing error in the code :see_no_evil:


Could anybody maybe provide the stats of COSMOS, CROW and whatever the Heat version of these drones might be called? :slight_smile:





Oh well that sounds like a cool as heck little side battle, but I am probably not anywhere near that skilled with this game yet, and since I rarely buy things online XD… anyways, when i mean look I mean how the overall build works as well as visual, I am a mechwarrior primarily so I like mecha that look like mecha…

This, is currently my WIP best one, I rather like the generic sprite with missile racks and gatlings, since it looks like a knockoff MadCat Battlemech… So, I did this, and I guess if Ops parts list is any indication I seem to use parts on that list.


The purpose of the list is just to give stats for all possible items, that can be used in GOAT tournaments according to the GOAT rules - the stats are therefore listed for Epic level 1 or Rare level 20 items. If you ever happen to build a GOAT mech, and you are not happy with what you come up first, you can take a look at this list to find alternative parts.

That’s nice about GOAT, too - the allowed parts can be obtained quite easily since there are no parts, that can only be obtained on Legendary level 1 as their lowest level.


This list is neat too, and it got me to wondering. Has SM ever had any kind of a parts viewer? in Armored Core you can preview the parts on your mech before buying, in Battletech you can do the same, theres a few others that give a sort of look before you use method of parts checking.

Has there ever been thoughts of that, basically as a way to see long term if X Y Z part will come out in the end as worth it or if it should be used as upgrade fodder?


We’ve seen a system like that called the ‘Armory’ on new accounts, but as far as we know it’s only experimental. No idea if it’ll be implemented or not.


in legacy you could view myrhical items


Just got this one:


What is firestorm?never seen that one before

Edit:alright its the heat flamethrower