Maxed out inventory slots with only legacy items

I am currently incapable of opening mythical boxes or any boxes for the matter because of my inventory space. I am a longtime player coming back after a lapse and apparently in my absence some major changes have been made. I have 556 items with only 200 item space apparently all of them are legacy items as I have tried upgrading items into others to clear up space but since they are legacy items I can’t do anything with them.

Please Help.

Best to contact support or @Sarah247. They are the ones that will be able to help you :slight_smile:

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Try out the “Legacy Converter”, but before add the items you want hold to a mech, so they don’t get lost, like some shields, 1kg teleport, etc. :exclamation:


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I saw the legacy converter but it was slightly confusing could you either go into greater detail on how to use it or direct me to a tutorial?

i have this problem too… i used the legacy converter and now i have over 200 powerup packs which i cant use due to no lower level items to merge with

Legendary mech might be able to help you if he shows up.