MAXED Out 5,088HP 🤖 ★STATS★ (includes premium)


Idk how this Mech would survive against a heat mech since energy doesn’t force you to shutdown but here’s my idea of a MAXED Out Mech STATS.

AVENGER ------- (350),1242 HP, 193/64 Energy, 145/48 Heat, Resists - 16P/22Ex/22El
IRON BOOTS ------------------- (138), 2 Jump, 478 HP, 163-213 PysDmg, 1 Push

The 8 Modules
1.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp
2.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp
3.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp
4.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp
5.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp
6.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp
7.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp
8.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp

Total HP= 4,240 LOL
778 Weight
Only Free To Use Weapons
Let me know what you think !?!?




oh I didn’t think about that (not so important) i’ll add that.


the legs add up to 400 hp


What do you think of the mech?


it would suck against heat mech


Doesn’t everything?


i know but especially this one as it only has a cap of 145 and a crimson rapture would almost overheat it in one shot


ha ha i got put up against elcent in the goat challenge


use annihilation until you fill weight up

also no energy hook charge and teleport


well either way it would be a long match with 4,240 HP


Mechs with heat weapons with no use limit would make you their butch but it would still be a pretty decent troll build.


Even mechs with just stomp and drone, his cooling is 48 :).
Just push him into a corner and dance away.


I just added the 20% health bonus from premium account from mission
so the max HP a Mech can get in Supermechs is

5,088 HP


I really like the idea @Dwightx
Its pretty rare that you say something worth, but I cant wait to see somebody with 5,088 hp in ladder… :smile:

I think the unique problem is, to get 8 modules and max them all out.


So true it hurts The crappy 20 character rule


u r crazy dude
welcome to my club xD