MAXED Out 5,088HP 🤖 ★STATS★ (includes premium)

Idk how this Mech would survive against a heat mech since energy doesn’t force you to shutdown but here’s my idea of a MAXED Out Mech STATS.

AVENGER ------- (350),1242 HP, 193/64 Energy, 145/48 Heat, Resists - 16P/22Ex/22El
IRON BOOTS ------------------- (138), 2 Jump, 478 HP, 163-213 PysDmg, 1 Push

The 8 Modules
1.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp
2.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp
3.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp
4.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp
5.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp
6.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp
7.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp
8.PLATINUM PLATING (Myth)- (40), 315 Hp

Total HP= 4,240 LOL
778 Weight
Only Free To Use Weapons
Let me know what you think !?!?

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oh I didn’t think about that (not so important) i’ll add that.

the legs add up to 400 hp

What do you think of the mech?

it would suck against heat mech

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Doesn’t everything?

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i know but especially this one as it only has a cap of 145 and a crimson rapture would almost overheat it in one shot

ha ha i got put up against elcent in the goat challenge

use annihilation until you fill weight up

also no energy hook charge and teleport

well either way it would be a long match with 4,240 HP

Mechs with heat weapons with no use limit would make you their butch but it would still be a pretty decent troll build.


Even mechs with just stomp and drone, his cooling is 48 :).
Just push him into a corner and dance away.

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I just added the 20% health bonus from premium account from mission
so the max HP a Mech can get in Supermechs is

5,088 HP

I really like the idea @Dwightx
Its pretty rare that you say something worth, but I cant wait to see somebody with 5,088 hp in ladder… :smile:

I think the unique problem is, to get 8 modules and max them all out.

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So true it hurts The crappy 20 character rule

u r crazy dude
welcome to my club xD