~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


oh and btw how much myths u got hmm




hmm :wink: good job keep it up u will get more and btw i got 39


I can see the design. Bulky head one be the hammer and the sharper one be the cutting tool(axe).

That flamethrower IS legacy, and is shorter
But Crimson Rapture is a L-M thing…

All I knew was that I drained him so he never got to use it ;-;
He toasted my energy mech like crazy. (keep me from taking turns but didn’t triple overheat me)
It’s a three use side weapon, so I didn’t pay attention to anything other than that.
It hit 80~90 heat damage, deals 50 (WTF! ONLY?) explosive damage, and cost 35 heat and 0 energy (0 energy?)
Interesting mix. Compared to my maxed firestorm(yes, didn’t get crimson yet)


You meant Infernal Axe bruh
The hammer is called Meltdown Hammer

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I don’t remember stuff anymore, sorry.

Also I was a main Energy and Phys not Heat. Although, my past 2nd account was Heat so it had the Axe.

Both were Rank 1, only one earned them medals lmao


The Flamethrower is Lava Spray Mk 2, since it has hollowed balls on the side…(if you prefer, it looks like the myth Crimson, maybe shorter)


80 heat damage without arena buffs, the highest availiable in Legacy

Legacy weapons hit softer than Reloaded ones, Reloaded mechs have way more resistance than before (the equivalent of the maxed myth Max protector was carrying 11 resistance of each type, and a torso with 20 natural resistance was almost broken), and Lava Spray is a boiling-focused weapon


And just to add, LS also have both capacity and cooling damage (maybe explosive resistance drain too ?
I’m not sure about this one)


That’s a Mk. 1, shorter than Mk.2. It has cap damage, cooling damage, and also resistance damage.
Mk.1 - 80 heat dmg, 5 cool dmg, 10 cap dmg, 3(?) res drain (5/35)
Mk.2 - 82, 6, 12, 4(?) (5/36?)


I’m sure it’s a Mk2, sine it has the Myth Crimson sprite…
The Mk1 has the legendary sprite of CR…(not counting size)

Other than that, I agree ^^