~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Feels bad.

Only took 8 months.


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The elec resistance of Hollow Armor is not shown (the 0 is not here, just the /El ^^)
Just sayin’


I was reading the chart and saw Brightroar was erroneously listed as 57! Corrected to 45.


New item, physical shoulder weapon. Max mythical stats here:


Thanks. I copied the info yesterday but forgot to add it. Guess I got caught up in chatting about it in Kong.


Added: FRANTIC BRUTE (50) 3-6 Range 69-632 PysDmg -12 PysRes 2 Uses (10/50 Cost)


Thank you for the stats, but in my opinion its TrashKares.


This deserves 100+ Likes


There is a explosive melee side weapon.
It look similar to the backbreaker’s design, cause some reasonable damage and overheat. It do NOT need energy, have 4 uses, and cost 22 heat. With mythical rarity.
I think it overheats some 60? and some 150 damage and hit 12 max heat.
Range 1.
This guy.

Think it’s legacy, but still want to know.




That one is Meltdown Axe, dealing Cap dmg.

Also the axe is better imo


that flamethrower is probably legacy too.


nah its not legacy its real crimson rapture



There is Crimson Rapture Legendary version, which is fairly short.

But I’m also pretty sure that THAT thing is a LavaSpray mkI.


he cyanine hows the acc going


check the account news topic for info.


lol u have no idea wut im talking about .


lol this topic isnt about people accounts


yeah ik its about max myths