~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


than max it…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

btw thnx to let as know…


did you get falcon maxed in this thread yet?


I don’t remember clearly, but seems to have 650-999 ish damage at max


There you go


A GOOD HIT should remove at least half of the opponent’s hit point, if not outright kill them.

Pray in front of the RNG


Of course, but you’ll also need to pray that your opponent is either too aslep to notice your scope, OR he wants to be killed quickly…


Attempting to hide it with my reckless beam …


Did it actually work?
(sorry for the revive but I think this thread is useful.)


What works ? ^^


Hiding Falcon with Reckless Beam.


It could if you put Falcon behing Reckless, but the people who check every weapons of the opponent will see it anyway ^^


No. The scopes are just damn long.
Although on some torsos you can cluster all the weapons so they appear less conspicuous …
A sniper can be barely concealed, however. I was once surprised by one (did end up screwing that guy up, however).
And you can hide a Spartan carnage behind any beam(top weapon), for it worked for me sometimes.


Heat bombs and flamethrowers (both types) are really good to hide. An axe or hammer will usually do the trick.


Here’s the stats on the Hollow Spectral Armor (Courtesy of @lordgorgon):


I don’t think Andernut is around anymore, so I’ll do it on his behalf.

Also, I’ll shortened it down to HOLLOW ARMOR.


those stats are jawdropping.
anyone can slap on a savior resistance and become the most overpowered player!


Why would you think I’m not around anymore?


Last time I saw you was about 2-3 months ago.

Don’t ask why.


If the game wasn’t broken yet, it for sure is now Lol.


Can you add it to Workshop Unlimited?