~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


That is an old post of Rovolution.

Although, you can see EMP’s stats up there, and every other item’s stats.


is there a repulser from legendary and mythcal?


Yes there is


yes, it’s the “Armor Dissolver”

Don’t ask why this name, TS’s logic ^^


hi dude imon here so


WPOTW’s post date from October…:man_facepalming:


rail gun op

pls nerf




What isn’t OP. Everything is OP.


First pic: post replied to by Janet
2nd pic: date of the post replied to


WTF is this???!!!

No, I didn’t managed to kill this double heat bomb user …


Some thoughts over different types of Mechs so far:
Electricity: disables opponent’s weapons and dealing extra damage when they had no energy
Heat: Force opponents into shutdowns, but you also need to make sure you don’t overheat yourself
Physical: Kill your opponent before they kill you!
Physical ones may take a upper hand in campaign missions as the enemy is usually weak and can be one or two shotted


That my friend is a legacy weapon. Never got it so idk what it is.


That’s not a Heat Bomb. It’s a very weak legacy weapon.


This legacy weapon was not weak (although it is now).


Devastation Swarm mk l


this thing is a legacy weapon.
it used to be “the shit” back in legacy.
now it will probably be reused for the new godmode titan…


It indeed was kind of too weak for a mythical …
but still. 10 HEAT COST? That’s 300% better than hot flash or the …
How heavy is it?
Because this guy also had on TWO heatbomb (one hidden behind this Devestation Swarm), a corrupt light and a … what do you call that top weapon?
But he can have no drone and stuff.


That use rockets… but isnt show cost of it now


i need to max this out