~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


no, it isn’t
3-6 - distance of very strong wepons by phys and heat

FS is better and most effectiv at all cicle.


I would say 1-4 is more phys territory, minus a few exception builds…


Has anyone seen maxed stats of the Hybrid Energy Cannon? I only saw someone post the mythical stats but it wasn’t clear if it was maxed.


Never mind, saw a screenshot posted by @carl0sdanger

HEC (66) 3-6 Range 150-251 ElDmg 139 EnDmg -28 MaxEn (0/104 Cost)


Can’t wait the day this change this name to something better… ^^

Along with better stats…(not a copy of Hot Flash…)


Yeah for L+ it was a real disappointment. They could have done a 2-shot weapon or push/pull or something interesting as a mechanic that might have people change up their builds to incorporate it. That heat cost is just huge and makes it a liability vs any heat builds.


Well…Heat cost is still lower than Hot Flash…

Hot Flash and Flaminator are “generally” are supposed to go against their own element, and to an extent, against Phys too…

Even if they give it range 4-8 and making it a top weapon, it could be a nice complement to HF and Flamin…


Updated the new range-limited drone names to the ones from the contest names: Results of the contest. The names of the new drones

Though we don’t as yet have all of said drones in the game.


@Andernut, some zarky specs for you to update:


Is that the Zark? Did it’s name get changed?


It’s a special perk torso with identical stats to Zark.



Hey atleast it’s not a premium version of zark.


the name of the head and archimonde


hybrid energy cannon should just be renamed “hotter flash”




Wow fast…


Jeez, dude! How tf did you do that!? XD


I’ve wanted this drone for weeks. It was only right for me to max it


Fair enough! XD What a beast!