~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


I think it might have been a edit error.


Fixed, thanks.


Is that a Guinee Pig as an avatar pic?..


Ive always called it the kicking hamster but probably.


I added it…


Thx, i didn’t saw before…


Hmm, should I myth a Shortranger first or a last words first?

  • Shortranger
  • Last words

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Got to see mech to vote


Wrong topic, you do that here:


It’s on the 666th post, I don’t want to offset it.


The maxed stats of ShortShocker?


Sorry for the delay. :slight_smile:




That’s surprisingly non-cancerous, given the short ranger. I feel better now :grin:


Is this normal that ShortHeater have one less resistance drain than ShortCircuit ?


Possibly. Remember, these are leaked stats so they could change. And I hope they do… that longshocker isn’t great.


EMP+Valiant+LongShocker ?

R.I.P. Batteries, you were useless to protect me from energy drain


The short shocker is basically faceshocker. If it was similar weight then maybe it would have a tradeoff for the limited range vs. limited uses, but it’s just worse, I’d rather the lesser weight and no limit on range.


Same. It could work for damage face huggers, but otherwise FS or LS is ok.

Also, I vote we call Long Shocker by a new name: Less Sodium. Because of all the salt it will undoubtedly create.


Are you kidding me? It’s OP (imo)

Am I crazy? wtf

3-6 range = perfect for most energy
106 energy drain = More than windforge and FS
More damage = better
more res drain by 4 = better
Only need to put it up once = better than FS
Same energy consumption as FS = good