~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~





I’d say: don’t change the list before the next week…

Then we would be sure Red Rain has its final stats, plus we would have the nerfed/buffed stats for the items…


Even though I hate heat, I do have to agree red rain is pretty garbage even on heat standards.


A few things to fix

terrorblade weight is 52kgs, not 55kgs

and list of all changes


Why go through the trouble of adding some of the Buffs / Nerfs and not adding all of them…?


Because I don’t have all of the items that got affected?


But the post with upcoming changes has all the changes. With images no less.


Ehh, whatever…


Just updated the formatting on Red Rain and Burning Shower which were causing scroll issues on the chart.

Also added the L to denote legendary on those. I’ll fix up the new stats on the heat weapons from work tomorrow.

Edit - Fixed the energy chart also, thanks. The blue/white display was broken when someone added Blizzard Dissolver. Tricky charts.


Updated the balance change stats. Thanks for linking the graphic right in the thread @Eneginner.


Can’t you check the stats by yourself and say if something’s wrong ?


Barring word to the contrary I’m assuming the changes communicated to us by tacticsoft are correct and that I didn’t put any typos on the entry.


(Courtesy of @Necromancer)
(4:05 for Max Myth Stats)


This thing hits like a trucc
@Andernut some stats for ya


I just realized the drones eyes and range reminds of me not being able to see things too close or too far.


*The Short Ranger’s Range is not listed.



it’s been a long time I made a read through of this thread, let’s start :smiley_cat:

Just a typo, but Knockback should be replaced with Push :smiley_cat:

I think it lacks 1 use :smiley_cat:

It has 3 uses, like Chaos Bringer…

I think that’s all :smile_cat:


@Andernut please add the new drone Short Ranger to the list, please.


It’s already ^^

Btw @Andernut, what’s this part is supposed to looks like ?

Welcome to the Maxed Mythicals Listing!

Items with (L) next to the title only drop at Legendary Level.

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It’s supposed to looks like this ? :smiley_cat: