~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


oooh good point


We all know Killin made a fuking awesome app, but for lazy guys like me, i still come here to see the stats…


Even me lol, I don’t go to my app to see item stats, I always check here.


what a change!


Can’t tell if this is sarcasm or you’re just really that surprised.

This is a wiki-like thread, you have to be accurate with stuff.


Nice catch - fixed, thanks!


yes sherlock it was sarcasm


As @cyanine said, this is a wiki-thread. Without an (up-to-date) wiki-page, there MUST be a way for us to be able to view maxed item stats. This is the best option. That means that this page MUST be up-to-date.


the mythicals listing is still legacy items
do you think they care if the wiki is “up-to-date”?


Piss off. Obviously we care. Just cause you don’t, doesn’t mean you have right to disrespect others.


Oh god when did this kid come back


Few days ago already…maybe a week


Idk…he went crazy all over the Forums yesterday…unless I am thinking of someone else


Not yesterday, akready 2 days ago at least I think, but you’re right…






Why is it that idiots always gather where you post, winz. Must be a hard life


Yes, it’s true. I’m glad you see it now, since you were one of them back in the day :wink:


So I enter forum to see this, Lol.

The responsible for the Wiki is @Fluffeh, and he’s also the only one who can edit that.

And as far as I can see, he’s barely in this Forum / Game / Wiki

That means the Wiki wouldn’t be updated not even if the developers wanted, and this doesn’t means they don’t care.


Especially me…