~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Indeed, this is quite peculiar.



Old stats of the Backstabbers, I was sure there wasn’t cooling damage…
Not to mention the outstanding resistance drain (only mythical legacy resistance drainers Metal Bender, Electrocop or Electricon, I never remember :sweat_smile:, And don’t remember either for the heat counterpart could approach this value…


Last but not least:, it don’t have the Legacy looks…
Why ? simply because fo the red lines…
If you don’t see what I mean, search for Murmur/Anguish (reloaded drones) and respectively Boiling and Shocking Scopes (legacy drones)…the main difference is the red/blue lines on the side :smiley_cat:


Oh, it’s the Metal Bender.
Low damage but high resistance drain (in legacy times taht is).

I like the weapon for the looks. It’s very beautiful to me.


Yes, I was using it when my weapon setup was at legendary tier, and when the weight was allowing me to use it :smiley_cat:

But I keep it for the memories I have…
I was using it as top weapon before RPG, Backstabber, Polaris or Apocalypse…
Awww, Good Ol’ Times


I want the Reloaded Backstabber



What are you using to record stuff?


Special credit to @lordgorgon for maxing it
Grats LG.


The PYS version of Burning Shower will be called Golden Shower :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Golden Shower… Hmm…

Isn’t that something that men and women do already? By I mean that, I mean peeing.


So physical mechs are pee color.
I made that joke many times and I never found it funny,


If following TS standards, it should be called ‘Sugar Daddy’.
We already have a weapon named ‘BigDaddy’, so why not?


i have a few maxed myth’d items. and some more coming soon


That All I got :slight_smile:


Thanks for the contribution but they currently have everything. You can check them out in the first post



@Andernut You made it 2 kgs heavier


Maybe it changed? Who knows?




Probably from when they incrementally lowered all the heat items weights. I know it’s been 43 for a pretty long time.


this topic is going to die soon because of @KilliN’s unlimited workshop lol.


Definitely not, because it’s from this topic where I get the items stats from.