~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Thank you Misfit,i really need it.


@Andernut The energy and heat swords both say “1 jump” but seraph blade does not say “1 jump”.


Wait, did heatpoint get its damage nerfed and heat damage buffed?


… what? Did it’s stats change?


I think so. The epic stats, anyway. Can anyone confirm?


You have the same mythical torsos I have, which one is the best in your opinion?


I think this is where it goes.




@Ruben can you show us the current stats of the maxed heatpoint?




Did you just take those pictures or are those old ones?


Added Lightning Platinum Vest, formatted all the Torsos to fit it with the (L) and seems to look okay.


Lightning platinum vest is worse than naga…vest is 11 kg heavier and only for 22 resistance more.


In ladder battles, I found this boi (or girl? idk) who has what I think might be Backstabber mk2 (The legacy rocket launcher, not the phys drone)
It can deal almost 300 damage (275 max exp damage) and -12 exp resistance.
Can this still be viable?
(And yes my en. mech has terrible heat. My main mech has 436 heat and 213 cooling though, but it has worse energy than my en. mech)


You have either:

Found an early release of the new item that’s coming to the game.

Or … idk



So this is what @Silverbox said right? Well, it’d much different though, 2 Pull is different.



Here it is


This is probably how I’m going to use my channel. For visual representation of Forum stuff.
Gotta get used to it recording stuff lmao

Thanks to @TRex1000



Look at this video


Those stats look too “reloaded” to be a legacy item.
I believe it’s a legit new item TS hasn’t announced yet.

My question is how did he get it?