~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Why don’t you just start from scratch…? Begging really shouldn’t be encouraged.


i realy can’t when i playe i remember my accont


i’ts a long way to rank 5


Old accs from legacy are worth almost nothing, better start from the bottom


i made it to rank 16 in my first day


If you spent money on it, contact TS and try to get help. Otherwise, start over. Account trading is specifically banned, so please don’t try.


Here are the Stats on the Heat Point Drone (Courtesy of @11160).


Actually,A Windigo with less heat/cooling and with more res.


Oh, really? That’s actually rather interesting. It’s even worse than I thought though.


lol heatpoint does a bit more damage than face shocker and -2 heat damage than face shocker but converted in energy damage on this level


Its not worse zark, its a phys torso with better phys res, much like a better avenger lets say…



HeatPoint Drone Added:
HEATPOINT (51) 176-230 ExDmg 68 HeatDmg -6 ExRes 3 Uses (0/50 Cost)


Actually,Avenger still wins in terms of endurance.
It provides over 200 more hp while MPV provides +20 something resistance.


Put that resistance, might protector and arena buff… wanna try again? XD


Molten works pretty well for an phys counter.

Heat is decent to handle self-heating.
Low hp is compensated with massive physical resistance to last longer in battle.

I say it works better as a phys counter than any other torsos.


new buffed archimonde


They buffet it?



now I have a legacy - they actually implemented one of my suggestions.


Is… Is this a real thing?

Anyone whom have Archimond at Mythical, show us thee stats.


check the news.

I’m actually not sure how useful it is since its heat stats arent viable with only 2 mods like a windigo so I have to put it up to 3 thus requiring sacrafice from hp or energy. therefore the resistence is the only thing making it arguably better for building rounded mechs even if it is on paper a more balanced torso. we’ll see anyway.