~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Excruciatingly low health and low weight. Why is low weight a bad thing you might ask? Because I centered my build around it and now I don’t have enough space for improvement because if I try to change them I’m overweight. Also, I don’t care that it has 3 movement. I barely ever move when battling so that doesn’t matter.


Exactly why I REALLY don’t wanna use energy. Another reason is because it’s cancer and I don’t want to support cancer. Cancer is bad.


It depends on your build…for a Range Controller or Always-has-possible-combo types of build, they seems useful in term of movements…

You shouldn’t build around it, but use it as a weight saver…


That’s why I play it, It have very low HP mostly so it needs better tactic to win especially against other energies and phys (heaters are rekting) and its cancer to enemy, it’s exactly like artillery in World of Tanks, everyone hates it even users but it still have its fans


Naga’s HP is same as Windigo’s, and Sith’s HP is same as Interceptor’s


Don’t you even dare bring up artillery around these parts. Do you know how much ptsd I still have from that?


I don’t know and I play it


stay away from me


For your first, stick with the might cannon+ dual nightfall + backbreaker.
For making a second phys I would reccomend Night eagle +nightfall + sf+ anni


I don’t have an extra nightfall. Can I replace it with another NE?


Naga has the same hp as windigo



Why so angry, dude? The Runners are good if you need a low weight pair of legs with three movement. If not, use something else.


Shouldn’t it be called Sparked Rollers?


Maybe they should, be they are called Runners instead…


Some material for you @Andernut:


First things first, how the fricking hell are you going to fit the name in? It’s too long.


Awesome stuff.

@cyanine if only it were molten vest of platinum then it could be MVP.

I’ll see what the chart looks like when I add it from home. Maybe shorten the name. Molten Vest would be enough to get it across if needed.


poco enfriamiento, solo le veo utilidad vs físicos, energy o heat XD!


Molten Vest added, dropped “Platinum” for spacing reasons and tweaked the chart with an extra space for formatting to accept the (L) designation.

MOLTEN VEST (346) 982 HP 193/64 Energy 267/96 Heat Resists - 44P/16Ex/22El


Pretty much just a worse Zark…