~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


devs at work:


How do you turn a post into a wiki?


A moderator does it.


If you’re a “Regular”, you can turn your post into wiki after sending it, to get the option, follow the path:
More options>admin tools>make it a wiki
(it’s the only option in admin tool when you’re a regular ^^)


How do you become a regular? I remembered it was something about not getting your posts flagged and visiting the forums for a set number of consecutive days.


I can remember either, but it’s “in 100 consecutive days, you should read at least half of the new topics, X hours worth or X number of replies, get flagged less than 5 times, and some others things I don’t remember”


You gotta read a certain amount of topics, make some replies, get/receive likes and avoid punishment. I don’t have exact numbers, though mods might.


I remember somewhere I saw a F.A.Q. about the trust levels, but I can’t rememeber where I seen it…




Why are you posting this here


That’s not even fully maxed and it’s already up there smh

These kids need to stop


Nice Ad XD :joy: :joy:


Do you know that you’re comment a post that is like almost one year old ?

And that ToxicDoll probably quitted the forums ?


yep, she quit in january or december… ( best energy builder in realoaded sm ehh…)


Should I

A. Rip my energy mech to pieces and get the full satisfaction of it
B. Replace ultrabright with malice beam and windforge with facecancer but still get pained to death
C. Turn my energy mech into phys (by doing option A)


As an Electrician this brings to me pain. But for me, get “B.”

I know Windforge is hella weak and stuff but it’s only reserved if you have OP Energy Items (Bunkershell, Valiant, Ash), or if you’re a Drainer.

But if you have better Phys items (Spartan, Mercy), then trash that shit.


I would love a spartan or a mercy but all I have is a Seraph blade and I don’t know if that’s going to work.

I can either do SB + NE + BB or swap the backbreaker with an anni. What should I do? If I use an anni I would get the most res drain out of it and have no cost but if I use a backbreaker I can do 60 more damage. I’m stumped on which I should use.


Why are the sparked runners so bad? For an L-M item, they seem terrible.


Why they seems terrible to you ?


Because they are energy tracks, energy things always have the lowest HP (Naga, Grim, Lighting Supporters, Sparked)