~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


What would u suggest me sparkked runners l lighing supporters leg for an energy mech?


For mobility, less Kg and higher elec damage, go for sparked
for higher HP and more energy damage, go for Lightning…


Corrected EMP Damage & Cost. Thanks to ccWarPig on Kong for pointing out the values were swapped :slight_smile:



secret evolution items?

how to get them?


I need help concerning a long lost supermechs account and I would like to talk to an admin or moderator. I’m new to the forums, however I have been playing Supermechs for a long time.


@Sarah247… Help @LegitLunatic with his problem please…


Why are you posting this on the Maxed Mythicals Listing instead of it’s own thread?


@Sarah247 I have a question… I used to play Supermechs when I was younger, which was around 2013, and I stopped playing. I used to have a gmail account that was linked to my Supermechs. I deleted the gmail account long ago, and I no longer have access to either my gmail or my Supermechs account. However, when I click forgot password, and I put in my old gmail and username, it says the password reset email was sent, but I have no way of confirming it. I no longer remember the password to my old account, and I would like to know if I am able to reset my password through a different gmail account. I started playing Supermechs again, and I’d also like to retrieve my old account back in 2013 and my items. Is there any possible way I can achieve this?


sorry, I’m new to this thing @KNIGHT


I will make a new thread


I don’t think there is much of a reason to reclaim your account, man. The old “Legacy” items are awful now and are really not worth having in most cases. I’ve seen Rare Level weapons do more than Legacy Mythicals. You should just create a new account.


I have, but I would really like to see my old weapons back, including my Galactus C torsos… :frowning:


Fair enough, I guess. To each their own.


How do i private message someone?


Sorry to break your heart, but old items like that are now considered legacy items and are absolutely worthless (other than a few shields and mythical modules). And I doubt that @Sarah247 will help you without proof that this is your account considering that you deleted its email.


Never commented in here before, so here we go.


Does anybody besides me noticed that is increased cost of upping mythical items?
I was horrified how much resources should be spent on a full upgrade now.


The costs aren’t more expensive. It’s just that better items cost more to upgrade. A corrupt light would cost less to max myth than an E-M, which would take less than an L-M.



I actually tried to pump the second object, so that the change in the value compared with the first much more than full. From 400+ to 600+.

and your lies are left for beginners.


It’s what the devs said.