~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


What do you mean? I checked and it’s “MORTAL”.


You changed it XD


Huh? You can edit other people’s post? And no, I didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:


Liar liar eat a tire



Don’t please ruin his art.
And he said that he’s the only one who should edit his topic.


MORTALBULLET, BTW @cyanine stop messing the name of one of my favorites gun, you monkey XD


Mortal Bullet looks better


Is it me or this gun’s stats looks like an sorrow…but energy version


:clap: close :clap: range :clap: malice :clap: beam :clap:


Malice beam is better lol.


Mortalbullet IS the energy counterpart of Sorrow and Purifier, it is the only now you noticed it ? ^^


Lol,just noticed that right now.


Exactly, i need one more of this baby for the build i’m planning, muahahahaha

Just in reduce energy cap, otherwise has the same drain, which btw i’m a drainer, so i don’t care much about the damage, after all i’m gonna increase arena buffs XD


Mortal bullet was mort bullet due to formatting issues at one point - though I fixed what those issues and never changed it back.

Though again I prefer it pointed out so I can modify or not modify my post to my discretion.

Thanks for noticing it however :slight_smile:


Say Andy,you said way at the top of the topic that we shouldn’t edit your topic?


I did. And with an order from Elcent that is pretty hard to miss once you click edit I’m not sure why people keep ignoring a relatively simple request.

No biggie.


I knew it.

i still don’t get why won’t turn wiki off.


We don’t turn wiki off because after 60 days a post can not be edited. Elcent converted it to wiki for me so I could the post again but it incidentallly made it so anyone could edit it by clicking that edit button.


Alright lad.
‘‘Elven’’ lol.