~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


is there gonna be a posting for the double teleporter


Double teleporter is legendary tier only.
So it probably won’t get on this page.

Of course, unless Ander decides too.


I’ll probably add double teleported and the other item this evening when I’m back from camping.


The double tele is not a myth…no need?


This is his thread.
If he wants to add a mex legy then he will do it.

Aku is a peasant. Praise Jacky boi


I’m not gay lol.
I wanna go full Tarzan lol.


@Andernut Screenshot_2018-08-01-17-51-15-1


For clearer version :

Name : Double Teleporter
Transform Range : Legendary Only
Power Levels : MAXED
Electric Damage : NaN
Energy Damage : NaN
No Special Attributes
Weight : 26kg
Uses : 2
Energy Cost : 20


Double Teleporter added (May as well be a mythical and it’s a premium-only item).
Updated Armor Annihilator, cheers.


Cheers Andy,but can you please double check the stats of heat bomb?
Just make sure.


The current stats correctly reflect what I have in-game.


Thank you,i was just worried about it.


BASSALT DISSOLVER(23) 2-4 Range 32-65 ExDmg 44 HeatDmg -40 ExRes 1 Use (0/0 Cost)


Seems like you are only active here Ander.


I could be, if Drop rates were friendly to me…

I almost never get the featured item, unless it starts at common or rare XD




After so much time :slight_smile: my first maxed object


Windigo was also my first myth and first maxed myth.


Thanks bro! :slight_smile: ohh, I did not know


it is normal that “Mortal” got cut ? ^^