~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Did… Did Dynamite Boots have that HP?


Yep, it have… the same one, as its counterpart…


The leg was a is good as everyone said


Added new Phys Drone: Backstabber (56) 138-222 PysDmg 1 Pull (16/16 Cost)

Let me know if that’s confirmed by anyone.


Give a big credit to @TechnoDive for maxing and mything this item.

Just a pic Ander…to confirm it.


Wasn’t this pic on this thread 3 times already?


No…3 pics are at the news topic.


Uhm…it ain’t important Andy,but just saying that L supposed to have brackets.


Yes - I believe that falls under the “it screws up the formatting” category to add those brackets.


Forgot to say this.
You forgot to type ‘‘use’’ up at the Viking hammer stats.


Didn’t need use up on that one to make formatting work, but the letter U stopped the viking in viking hammer from turning blue… that said I deleted the U because it doesn’t matter if Viking is blue.

Edit - I think before Viking hammer was on the list I needed the U and it wasn’t needed now.

Other places where I have “use” at the top makes the colours on the following line work, not because I want a random word at the top :slight_smile:


Another not impornant fixing it but alright. :smile:


This has great HP for energy. almost half hp of grim reaper


New update!

The Armor Annihalator has 20 KG’s and 40 resistance drain.


Edited that part,although I don’t know if the damage will be changed.
If they will also change the damage,I’ll edit it then.


Do not edit WIKI!
Andy loves to edit his topic…don’t try to edit it.


Uhm…I’ll undo that.




Just pointing out: it will be changed only tomorrow XD


Haha,i get it,TS logic.