~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Green coloured texts in the spreadsheet are killing my eyes.


@Andernut imageimageimage

Electric Boots?

Nice. I’ve not been on in 6 hours or so didn’t even see those go live.

I’ll be updating the wiki in about 12 hours so someone can feel free to put these 3 items in sooner.


I think you are not at level 50 I think you are in level 1


Those items are live? I thought they were from the dev server


there are only statistics but I do not think you can still get


I do not think they are live yet


Ah okay. I’m not in the dev server.


But they aren’t maxed.


Backstabber is not available for players yet, neither in test server.


yesterday, publish the image of the heat drone and just today it came out!


@Antonio_Ortega those legs with 2 knockback are good to put range for hysteria for energies… nice one :open_mouth:


sigo sin entender porque se molestan en sacar drones físicos que usan energía, un total despropósito, encima si pesa tanto y hace tan poco daño
< En heat y el energy todavía lo entiendo.


New drone… Flame Wave.


Stats are decent
But it’s heavy weight won’t help with builds equipping rockets, which are heavy…

I’m sticking to my Clash drone.


In practice (I used it 1 time), it has very little damage. But at some point it forces your opponent to lose 1 shot, to get closer to you again, which makes it useful if your opponent is phys.

It´s a good complement for Flaming Scope.


i would suggest equipping this drone with an abomination + supreme cannon + flame scope
that would do A LOTTA DAMAGE! and it would make enemies stay within range

i myself would add maybe a magma blast just for more dmg


Lo único que da asco es el nuevo drone físico que quieren meter XD!


Nice. Will add in he morning tomorrow.


Si tienes falcon puede ser útil. Al final todos los drones físicos consumen energía.