~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Holly crapu,didn’t realised that.
It’s gonna kill me for sure.


With Bonus


with 20% arena shop dmg 400+ and 20% on energy dmg 140+ that means it can do 500 easy if u drained the mech u r playing with


This thing has :

Damage as strong as Nightfall or Annihilation,
Drain as strong as Last Words,
4+ more Regen Drain points than Last Words,
And does the same push as all the other Hammers.

This thing is truly a beast, looking forward using it :slight_smile:


And they say that energy is balanced.


Energy is only imbalanced cause of valiant and bunker.

The hammer is bad for me , dont know how to feel about it.


Might be bad for anyone because how many kilograms this thing has.I think that hammer might be usefull.


On my counter phys i use a weaver , if i swap for the viking hammer its 1k kg exactly.

Still not into it tho , might max one and do some tests with it.


Whatever you say mate.


Umm last words energy drain is 95
According to the stat post above…the energy hammer does 114 drain…quite a bit different


Here’s a damage energy build…Viking,Broar,Spinefall,Grim…covers all ranges, has nice combo synergy and can deliver some nice damage…this build could be nicer with an emp to start things off in battle but that’s a lot of weight and probably impractical


Interesting build idea. Seems somewhat low on the drain side, but it could work. Which drone to use would be my question. Would it be: Windforge for increased drain
Anguish for increased regen damage
Snack for better DPS
Face Shocker because it’s just good?

Imma gonna experiment now.


How’s this? Phys/electric counter, only teleport and drone. I have Anguish equipped, but snack or windforge would fit too.


Torment is the energy counterpart of Hurlbat and Nemo, dealing Capacity damage…(and it starts at epic tier)
Anguish is the energy counterpart of Murmur and Dustmaker, dealing Regen damage…(and it starts at legend tier)

Just to clear things ^^


Good one, fixed it to Anguish


So…here is my opinion about the drone’s choice…

  • a good little drone, reducing the need to use an EMP with its fast drain capability
  • but the low built-in damage may need a bit more HP focused module setup, or if the weight affrods it, a damage-based energy weapon like Ultrabright
  • the Regen damage would increase the effets of the weapons
  • to me, an EMP will be needed to drain fast enough to energy break the opponent to develop the full potential of the build
  • would probably be more powerful on high-energy physical builds, by preventing them to use their “battery shield” to block the increase damage from overdrain (even more powerful on energy dependant build, prevent them to deal that much of damage while they got annihilated by high damage and overdrain)
  • pretty much the same as Anguish, except that a Snack build would counts more on brute force rather than draining capacity…
Face Shocker
  • good stats on paper
  • might proves useful to drain quickly an regen-denied opponent while maintaining a good damage output and resistance drain
  • the 3 uses and high cost make it less reliable against Energy drain-focused builds

@L4K3, what you think of my reasoning ? ^^


I think it’s pretty accurate,other than overrating Anguish a little.
True,the regen damage is something,but not near as good as res drain or draining in general.
To be effective,it’d need around double the regen damage,although it still makes a nice combo with Last Words.
Is it a prefferable combo?


Alrighty. How about this?

Only works with Windforge, though.


Compared my Items to the google spreadsheet and updated it.

Changes I made in the spreadsheet:

  1. Added a new column: “Updated Stats Date” which should serve as an info date of when was an item last updated/reviewed.

  2. Added a new column: “Editors Note” which should serve as a description of the last update/review

  3. Added a 3rd row at the top. Titled “Legend”: - Why are some stats colored red or green?

  4. Added the following Items: Smoldering Grappling Hook

  5. Confirmed / Modified stats of the following items:

  • Torso’s: Brutality & Windigo

  • Legs: Iron Boots & Scorching Feet & Devouring Paws

  • Modules: Energy Engine & Heat Engine & Savior Resistance & Platinum Plating & Iron Plating & Energy Mass Booster

  • Drones: Void & Clash & Nemo

  • Weapons Top: Supreme Cannon & Savagery & Mighty Cannon & Night Eagle

  • Weapons Side: Night Fall & Annihilation & Terror Cry & Corrupt Light & Crimson Rapture & DawnBlaze & Heat Bomb & TerrorBlade (compared to my Legendary - Changed weight to 52)


thanks for your effort!