~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


man this is gonna deter other scope users

either that or people will be putting this bird on any mech


Nerf Falcon with maybe -20 res. dmg. :confused:


That’s a buff, not nerf lol
Adding -20 resist damage makes it stronger


I’d just like to point out that the 600-1000 damage this beast does at max is BEFORE arena bonuses…


It homestly makes sense why Falcon has no resist drain.

This thing does 500-997 damage. Even 99 resistance won’t stop it from doing a lot of damage.


596-997 dmg is relly op
but 22 energy cost and 22 heat cost
and 19 kg
that is just a lot


Yes. Yes, it is… I’m gonna wait to see if they nerf it before I fuse it, for sure.


fuse it?
r u crazy?
million people wanted it and didn’t get it
after they spent 500+ tokens


I mean upgrade it. I’m not crazy… lol


lol upgrade it any way it’s worth it


Just wonder if SM staff tests their upadate before release it…
1k max dmg . . . . . . WHAT THE ■■■■ !?


the answer is no

you have emp and the claw as proof


Sorry abt that. thanks for correction.


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This is your what?


My max myth stats for windigo


Brennan,just check the original post…
It contains the stats of every item already.


Special thanks to @Sir_Rio for mything and maxing this item.


My God!
Add the arena shop bonus;it deals SO MUCH damage.


yup that dmg is like close to nf dmg xD
i think it may be able to do 500 dmg