~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


9 levels to go

Will be done once I wake up in the morning


Good luck.




There we go!

Hold up…997 max dmg for that thing?
Lighting scope is probably better lol.



nice one mate…
now go murded people using your energy and phys mech.


The heck is with that Costs? It needs to be 50/50 just like the other scopes…

… But it is very f*cking powerful not gonna lie, but can it stand up against a Lightning Scope? :joy::joy:


I doubt I will be using it…

I have it equiped on my phys but it’s kinda useless when phys is usually a hugger

The low cost is probably to persuade players to use it


Holy crap, that much damage for very little cost? Just 22?

Bro, this thing is more powerful than the heat and energy version. 99 resistance cant stop this either


That damage spread though!


Of course, because all ya’ do is just stay in range and kill :stuck_out_tongue:

But still, that’s 1-hit death right there.


Nerf Falcon to 1 damage pls


cost is soooo good :open_mouth:


If i get this falcon i will put it on my energy mech , its a phys counter hahi


It should have res drain.

Honestly it’s not much better than two spartan blasts and much harder to use. This thing is quite weak actually.


It’s an anti-scope Scope. Plus very light, plus would prevent corner teleporting when opponent wins by evading at the end.

It’s a perfect fit for my main build. Will help me greatly in arena.


997 max dmg without 20% weak ?
i don’t think so


I may have to re adjust my build, because I need a teleporter to use this Falcon and my weight is 997 kg.

And my mech is a common Anni/Nightfall/NE type so I have to chnage I guess


That thing will be OP af.


why is the cost so low?
and the weight?


Your worst nightmare called ‘‘Falcon’’

Dunno,ts mate.

Because it need’s to be the same as the other scopes