~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


One second , its at 49 right now.

Most likely its 103-145 in dmg





Shockwave is literally just Snack/Torment/Anguish but heavier, no extra abilities and with a knockback.


Minus the resistance drain. Because this doesn’t have it.


the kb part of this drone is turning me on , i plan cancer with this.

Death to all phys


You will just push them to sc range lmao


That maybe 103-135, the same as Snack.


tbh shockwave might be the only way to use lightning scope to it’s max potential…
but man that drone sucks


It also can be used for viliant’s.
Maybe it does not suck…


no, it does suck
because the drain is trash
and dmg is trash
weight is trashiest
and the push can only help in being annoying to phy and getting into range for lightning scope… then is not so useful since you can equip a last words to do it’s job


Yeah, no resist drain, around 50 energy drain and around 115 average energy damage…


I agree, it’s too heavy for something that deals the same damage as Snack/Torment/Anguish.

Also the push “may” be useful but come on, it has no other special stats other than the push, the weight has to be 45-51.


Do i hear a FEEDBACK?!
Cause we sure need it.


This may sound wierd lol.I have the side weapon BigDaddy it goes to mythical its an energy weapon anyone got its stats maxed and is it good.


These are the stats of BigDaddy.

BIGDADDY(L)   (53) 1-2 Range 202-265 ElDmg 95  EnDmg                       (47/16 Cost)

It is actually fairly strong.


I personally wouldn’t call it strong. Only mech type that’ll consistently stay at that range is phys, and this weapon isn’t good enough to deal with them. I’d keep it but I wouldn’t recommend using it.


anyone maxed the dynamite yet?






That was Japanise not German you swein.

Anyways i know the epic stats but not good enough.