~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


yeah it could be windigo


No, its not, I know that for a fact.


There is a tango which says “In my childhood I stared at you, as those things I would never possess …”

But I could finally reach it … and it’s beautiful!



@Andernut courtesy of @Xyre s fast maxing skills. It’s crazy how your ‘guess’ is actually correct. lol

@Ricemech88 Just in case no one has given you guys the complete full stats yet. (and the sprite).

@SeanChoi1870 he let me post it. It’s why he rush maxed it in under a day c:

Btw did some quick numbers, 340 drain with 20%. 890 dmg with 20% ele dmg. For a theoretical 1230 damage…


Oh man…I was gonna tell @Xyre to post the pic here but…you beat me to it


Well…i guess we discovered this.
Nice job Xyre.

@Andernut,edit this.


It was in there already, I worked out the stats by seeing energy was 30% higher than heat at level 1 and 40 legendary and other the stats mirrored.

Not a guess, a prediction based on known stats :slight_smile:


what is this heat weapon called and what are its maxed mythical stats?


crimson rapture…
you could see the stats above but here they are.
CRIMSON RAPTURE L(52) 1-2 Range 163-213 ExDmg 135HeatDmg -48 MaxHeat 3 Use (31/93 Cost)


Im maxing this Shockwave in ~1 hour , out of coins atm



SHOCKWAVE (L) (57) 105-145 ElDmg 48 EnDmg 1 Knockback (31/0 Cost)



just throw evrything at it and we can deduce the stats by the +figures.


I added it to the list none the less


Ive been using it in the campaign at the portal , seems fun.

I will bring it in the arena tomorrow


Im not sure that those are the final stats since most of the times that +8 only effects the top damage and not the lowest dmg. so the top dmg will be 145 thats sure but the lowest dmg will be lower than 105 I think


:question: 127 + 8 = “145” :question:



135 then. I wasn’t looking the max damage at the picture, only the +8 and I copied and look at his lines which said 145.


97-127 +8 is unlikely to arrive at 105-145, nor 105-135 which is what I assume you meant to type. It’s not usually as simple as +8 to min and max damage from the +8.

Prefer that (as requested in the OP) people just post the stats in the thread and leave the editing to me. Easier to track changes for me, and also I don’t have to go correct the formatting from multiple people editing.

Thanks for pushing hard to get people the stats however, everyone I know is watching :slight_smile:


One second , its at 49 right now.

Most likely its 103-145 in dmg