~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


How do you get this blue shield thing? 03%20PM


I love my shield, it’s from version before SuperMechs reloaded …

yes there was a version and gameplay before SuperMechs reloaded, + 5 years … so veteran players have some old items, pretty useless :exclamation:



Is this even off topic?
Shields aren’t even added after reloaded.

Also Perk’s as well.
And also that makes you even stronger if i am right.


this is off topic but why are you on this page like 24/7?


He’s simply replying to your questions, since he has answers. He probably just has notifications turned on.


Like several people here, I get an email every time you’ve posted in this thread.


Hi Sheila,

I personally prefer the spoiler tags with drop-downs for the way I use the sheet, but your spreadsheet allows more information and people may prefer the layout so I’ve added it to the top post.


just add flaming hammer’s stats @Andernut


Add Flaming Hammer stats, thanks for posting them @11160

FLAMING HAMMER (60) 1 Range 211-354 ExDmg 86 HeatDmg -17 Cooling 3 Push(13/50 Cost)


Predicted stats for Energy Scope @ Max Mythical based on some gathered data + Maxed Flaming Scope:

Lightning Scope (23) 8 Range 568-741 ElDmg 283 EnDmg -15ElRes (155/31 Cost)

Thanks @BenitoBathsalts for the below Lightning Scope Level 1&40 Legendary Stats

Scope known stats

Legendary level 1
Lightning Scope (23) 8 Range 289-371 ElDmg 147 EnDmg -9ElRes (98/20 Cost)
Legendary level 40
Lightning Scope
387-489 ElDmg, 197 EnDmg,

Legendary Level 1
Flaming Scope (21) 8 Range 289-371 ExDmg 111 HeatDmg -9ExRes (20/98 Cost)
Legendary Level 40
Flaming Scope
149 HeatDmg



These are the lvl one stats (apologies for the quality. The lad recorded with a terrible resolution setting).


Hey Andernut

Thanks to add it to the top post. I appreciate that.
I changed access from “everyone can comment” to “everyone can edit”.

I will try to maintain the spreadsheet from your source data and the posts on this thread. (already added FLAMMING HAMMER and LIGHTNINGSCOPE.) Maybe others will help on that.

What do you think on it? Feel free to share your guesses. I’m on you on that. I’m really happy to have your work and beautiful stats.


does any one whow what the legs and two weapons are called?


Magma Blast, and rolling beasts.


Rolling Beasts.
And Magma Blast

You seriously lookin up top players over here…(Yes i know that mech…)




hi, can you tell me what torso’s are you using underneath the pumpkin skin or you want to keep it a secret?


They want to keep it secret, but Its Zarkares.


How do you know?

Maybe it’s a chance that it isn’t.


I know for a fact, 100% I would bet my life and my soul because I am certain because of what I have seen.