~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


I do not like this new thread title.

Before it stood out. Now, I’m forced to actually read through titles to find it.

Heck, this should be pinned to the top without a doubt. It’s basically the Bible of Supermechs.

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The topic got pinned, so I thought it best to look neat and properly formatted.

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What is that pumpkin torso called and what level does it drop at?


That thing was a perk.
It was released before reloaded.

Perk means skins…


It’s a special cosmetic item (like the Santa hat) from last Halloween. It is currently not obtainable.


also what is that thing that makes you really tiny. And how do you get that unicorn thing on your torso.


That is also a perk.
A tiny mech was released before reloaded.

Unicorn was released somewhere at reloaded.

You can’t get them anymore


These are perks.

you cant get them anymore

excpet for the santa hat


what is reloaded a game?


Reloaded is a new version of SM.

Perks won’t be listed at Maxed myth.
Because they aren’t mythicals lmao


oh the new version is when they deleted all those old mythical items and chaneged it so you cant buy mythicals?






what i mean is buy the crate to get them


There,now read about reloaded and changes.


Hey Andernut and others

Thanks for the list with all the beautiful stats on it. I created a Google Spreadsheet for that, because it’s easier to read. You want to have full editable access, write me or copy/paste the data inside the sheet.



Looks great!


does anyone know what this torso is??? 05%20PM


That’s a goat perk.
You get that thing at GOAT Tournament.


what is goat troument