~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Edited Claw from 226-314 Damage to 79-111. No Push on stomp coupled with the damage nerf now making stomp relatively useless.

Only outstanding change at this point to the best of my knowledge is the stats of a maxed EMP.


Aside from heat mechs deserving the weight nerfs.

EMPs weight is uncalled for. Hopefully in the coming weeks they change it to around 50-55.

It’s the Poor Mans bunker shell. It should weigh near or about the same. (Fitting, aye).

As for claw, it’s basically useless at this point, for my build at least. Unless I get mercy, but for now it’s only good use is it’s HP. (which in my case isn’t very beneficial without stomp).


I pretty sure I’m late to the party, but did the heat torsos got a buff weight as well ?


Nope, torsos were unaffected. Only weapons/utilities/drones were touched.


Roger ^^

Thanks for the answer ^^


Not even mods.
I can see that they haven’t changed for a while


EMP’s drain is also nerfed.but I don’t know the new maxed stats


It certainly doesn’t feel like it


my EMP’s drain went from 310 to 263…


Then how did so many energies drain me???


I remember someone has an SS of the new maxed stats.let me find it…


found it went down from 393 to 334



I agree to this, 80% of my battles are physical, and most are anti energies.



Took ya long time eh?


wait is lightning scope’s stats here?


Only it’s lvl one legendary stats. (Benito and Iru got it from premium boxes if I recall).

They’ve yet to be added here (only at max will they be added).


oh, i thought someone had maxed it out already… my bad


Not to worry!

Someone should have it maxed soon enough. Some patience and we’ll likely see them pop up.


@Mr.E - Can I ask why you edited my post title? Was it breaking forum rules?