~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


I have updated it.
I don’t know the rest of other heat items.
But i am sure i have done it.

Again updated it.
Thanks @Transcendant for more information about those other heat items

By the way…flaminator is 47 weight.


Iron Frenzy is 52 kg i think.

O crap i have accsedently edited the topic.


First, as the OP says – DO NOT edit my post, please. I prefer to log in the changes, the only reason this is a wiki is because I had to have a moderator change it to a wiki after editing permissions auto-locks on regular posts.

In addition to this just being my preference, by people posting in the thread the changes it allows people to see what was changed quite publicly, and why. Also it’s fewer 1-off edits, and much easier to catch errors in edits and harder for errors to go unnoticed.

Full list of edits/changes:

Dev Paws - 121->119
Scorching Feet – 122->120

Special Items
Flame Hook - 17->16

Swoop – 24->22
Clash – 45->43
Nemo – 45->43
Murmur – 45->43

Top Weapons
Supreme Cannon – 70->66

Vandal Rage – 41 Unchanged

Savagery - 55->51

Desolation – 69->66
Iron Frenzy – 56->52
Desert Snake - 67->63
Scope - 23->21

Side Weapons
TerrorBlade – 55->52
Heronmark – 46->43
Chaos Bringer – 53->49
Crimson Rapture – 58->52
Reckoning – 89->86

Magma Blast – 57->55

Sorrow – 71->66
Abomination – 70->66
Heat Bomb – 37->50

Corrupt Light – 55->51
Dawnblaze – 56->52
Flaminator – 51-> 47

Mythical items png with maxed stats

Credit to me and @Transcendant please?

Thank you.
(Don’t have to.)


Mate, chill with the tags. I don’t need credit, was just helping Ander catch up incase he hadn’t seen them all yet.

(regardless good job!).


I have to be fast sometimes.
(I can’t stop it)
And yeah same.

Oh why thank you, you too!


Sorry, I wasn’t watching the posting unfold here, I just saw that edit notices kept popping up as I was editing, but I had copied the post to another window and ran it side by side with the game for the changes and ran through all my items to do it methodically and asked in Kong Chat for what I was missing.

Some of the missing items they pulled from your posts (specifically Terrorblade, Heronmark and Nemo - thanks!) I also would have missed the hook and the leg weights changing and I saw those after reading through your posts to see if anything conflicted with mine.

I still need to update the EMP for maxed stats now that I think on it :slight_smile:


Sorry for edeting.
It was me.
I wanted to help over there tho.

Keep it up lad!


Always appreciate the help and people posting here.

Weights are a little simpler since I have most of the items, just can’t get more of what I want for a second energy mech - and resigned to never seeing a mythical hp plate or a Mighty Protector :slight_smile:

When they change max stats it’s a lot more complicated.


It says on the news!
The weight is just changed for all heat items.

By the way…the claw has been changed,i belive they changed the damage.


No more Knock Back, max damage on stomp is 79-111 now. Same weight, same HP, same BS. c:


It’s sad that they didn’t changed the hp for the claw.


I wonder how much testing they did for this and how many mechs the devs tried out with EMP weighing 70!

The Perfect Awnser


Probably lol


Literally NONE. Since it seems they don’t play the game enough to understand how much of an impact their changes have on peoples builds.

I would’ve been happy with it at 50-55kgs. 70 is just overkill and hurts free to play energies/well built energy mains.

The same goes for the claw, they’re just changing shit up willy nilly without any real testing done to insure it’s balanced.


I would say 60 for an example.
Enerygy mechs are still strong sometimes.


A few heat mechs in my chatroom have 20 more kgs to play with, as an energy player with 1 EMP I found myself dramatically over-weight.


Edited Claw from 226-314 Damage to 79-111. No Push on stomp coupled with the damage nerf now making stomp relatively useless.

Only outstanding change at this point to the best of my knowledge is the stats of a maxed EMP.


Aside from heat mechs deserving the weight nerfs.

EMPs weight is uncalled for. Hopefully in the coming weeks they change it to around 50-55.

It’s the Poor Mans bunker shell. It should weigh near or about the same. (Fitting, aye).

As for claw, it’s basically useless at this point, for my build at least. Unless I get mercy, but for now it’s only good use is it’s HP. (which in my case isn’t very beneficial without stomp).


I pretty sure I’m late to the party, but did the heat torsos got a buff weight as well ?