~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Told ya.


ugh the stats are terrible, low damage and non worth max cap drain for more weight than BackBreaker?!!! i think i’ll keep my BackBreaker thank you very much


it’s built to kill physical mechs…the push put’s the energy user in range 4 to use valiant : (


Added - thanks @Wepwawet


How about change it to an energy hammer instead?


what do you mean by “change it to an energy hammer instead”?


Change the color to blue and make it do Energy damage instead.

By pushing someone into val range, it helps energies more than phys. Just like the grave diggers, they push you out of anni range and into malice range.


"Heat and Energy Hammers coming soon"


So they will be hammers? I had assumed they’d be axes. Although having already thought about it, axes would just make SW/TB useless if they’re stronger.


I’m working on making a new formating for the thread.

It’s suposed to show everything, without having that scrolling boxes but still easy to understand.

I’m doing it in a PM with only myself, after finishing i will invite @Andernut to the PM and he may or not implement it here.


Is the Archimonde good? i got 2 of them from the portal

just wondering cause i already have a maxed windego and maxed brutality


we all know the answer.it’s one of the worst torsos in the game.but I’d suggest you keep it,they might buff it soon


ok, thanks, i might work on a 4th mech with it


the stats are not that good.



Desolation, Supreme Cannons new weights are 66/66 (Abomination is 66 as well).
Corrupt Light, Savagery’s new weights are 51/51
Dawnblaze is now 52kgs
Heat Bombs is now 50kgs

Clash, Nemo, Murmur are now all 43kgs

Vandal is unchanged so far.

Flaming Scope is now 21 (down from 23).
Desert Snake is now 63 (forgot what it was previously).

I don’t know the new weights for Magma or some other heat premium items.

Reckoning now weighs 86kgs.

If anyone can, do please fill in the rest of the items that were changed. (heat ones).

Ah yes, EMP is now 70 weight. Thanks Yo-Yo!

Another surprise, the L+M heat hook weighs 16kgs now. (Previously 17).

EDIT: Sorrow is now 66kgs, Chaos Bringer is now 49kgs, and terror blade is now 52kgs.


Don’t forget the EMP

They have been nerfed.


66 kg on Abomination

Pretty sure it’s fine


Another information:
Swoop is 22 kg weight


Also another one:
Paws are 191 kg.

Jesus…i am a heat lover.

And i love it.


119, not 191. lol

Sorrow is now 66kgs, Chaos Bringer is now 49kgs, and terror blade is now 52kgs.

@Andernut These are the new weights for these items. I’ll try and find Magmas and any other I missed.

Btw to anyone that reads comments/main post. DO NOT EDIT his topic. He wishes to do it himself to make sure everything is accurate and correct.

@CloudedSunrise I know you’ve got a few magmas, mind listing their new weight? (ty ahead of time) c: