~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Every item got to be op af?
Use it like food,go ahead,good luck


I keep it to my museum of uselessness…



These have long been added (on release day if I’m not mistaken).


You are not mistaken on release date i think.


ok :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@Andernut May i ask you something?If you would add pics to your topic.
Reason:I want to know what does it look like…soo i can know the stats about it etc.
I would be very happy if you do that.


Here @The_Yo_Yo_Man Mythical items png with maxed stats


But just asking if you post it here.
Because i don’t want to go to left and right.(Idiot speaks)

@W.P.O.T.W thank you.
now i can take some time to add pics.


I’ll see whether I can get formatting to work with tiny pictures at some point but what I like about this post is it is forum-based, searchable, and somewhat easy to compare stats and weights for each class. Pictures may break up the formatting and charts and I certainly can’t get the picture on the same line as each item so it will make the charts much larger.


Just at least try it…
Thank you!


I’d say not to do it.
Leave it as it is;it’s perfect.
Indeed,it’s easier to compare and stuff.
If the dude wants a picture listing thread,let him search the other topic.


New items:
War Hammer

Make sure to add them lad!


Backbreaker still the same, only changed sprite.


Well then…Change the name…
But hopefully someone needs to add max War


Yes - I haven’t seen the stats yet so I’ll add when someone maxes it.


Alright,good luck with that lad!


Not even @Fluxeon would max it… He said it in the War Hammer topic.


I could max myth it, but I would first need to get it, then to upgrade it…

Considering I’m not a hardcore grinder, it would take a couple of times, but still ^^



100% maxed with ítems made in War Hammer portal.