~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Added EMP - (27) 2-4 Range 37-61 ElDmg 393 EnDmg 1 Use (393/0 Cost)


Nice…Now i know the stats for that monster!


Wow 27 weight, 10 less weight than bomb but same stats.
Emp weights like an hybrid module O.O


I want Greedy, It’s so light.


You right though. Greedy is crap, until it’s dmg is buffed. It’s ass


for 20 kg, -10 res, 72-117 dmg, you want more dmg?


anyone have maxed stats for the annihilation and night eagle and void?


Anyone who reads the first post, yes.


You forgot to explain where he can find the first post. :smirk:
So I*m gonna do that now.

For everyone who seeks the first post:

When viewing this thread scroll up all the way to the top.
There you will find the first post that has a complete list of all maxed out mythical items currently obtainable in the game.



If u’r visiting SM forum by using smartphone, and u wish have a look at main post(the one with maxed item list) You can scroll up till the begin. But it works quickly if u edit the last number after the ’ / ’ at URL address. (u have to edit the number at section where “956” number stands at image i attached on post).

IN POOR WORDS, write this URL to catch the main post:
~~~~~~ Maxed Mythicals Listing ~~~~~~ <— ’ 1 ’ !! System moves you to 1st Post.


Or press the numbers 914/914

Then voila


You cheeky!


Seraph got nerfed to it’s normal stats @Andernut


Here it is


Proff is real


Seraph Blade stats reverted to 234-376 PysDmg




Peace is restored.
The kingdom saved.


Seraphblade now: myth food.


Just as good as a L-M NF,but with lower range and higher heat cost.

Indeed,myth food.