~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


The weight in a different colour would be great :exclamation:


And yes, first suggestion is way better to read :exclamation:



I prefer the original although I’m sure a better format could be found.

A major problem with the side scrolling above is you can’t copy and paste it. People form Kong tend to do that when other ask questions in real time.

Just my useless .02 cents.


The colours were automatic, and certain letters or formats in the post just make them all disappear (this is why I removed all my -'s), and spoiler tags also restrict what I can do.

I’m not sure how to change colours in any of it, I’ve wanted to do colour for awhile. This particular format seems to make everything a bright white and numbers in teal.

I didn’t do anything different between my first suggestion and second suggestion - I was just pointing out that when I have an entry that is longer than the rest (ie. Magma Blast!) it forces scrolling instead of doing a word-wrap.

Regarding the side-scrolling (at least with a computer) you can highlight it by holding down the mouse and pulling to the right, the side-scroll is automatic while highlighting.


I love it.


they dont like energy mech too


Why you say that ?

And @Andernut, I don’t know how to make formats and using the [/tags], but maybe something can be done when you type color value in HEX (or anything understood by the program, maybe RGB values and the others I don’t recall too)?

like SetTextColor= #FF0359


Andernut, I’d really like it if there were acronyms beside each item…

e.g. (SW) Stormweaver, (Srw) Sorrow

idk what the acronyms would be exactly, I’d just like some acronyms.


No such allowed codes on this forum…


Oh ok, thanks for pointing that out ^^

I saied that, in case it was possible ^^


Heat bomb is too OP
Now I realize how to have a nice use of it


How does u do dat

  Like I mean how do you change the color is what I am asking.


What’s a Bloodweep? I haven’t gotten that yet


L+M version of Arnold, pretty decent Res Drain Wise, but dmg is mediocre.


(taken from Ricemechs PNG thread).


Okay… that took pretty much the entire day.

On -my- computer screen at least there is no scrollbars. If you’re on a computer (not your phone) and seeing scrollbars, please speak-up. I shortened some things and separated extra long lines to two lines.

If you’re seeing [ or “use” or other weird formatting things, including using “uses” when sometimes it was 1 use or “use” when it was more than 1 use, I had to do those in order to keep the chart working. I don’t know what code it’s using or what those commands were, it was trial and error.

Now - is it an improvement? (I hope so because that was hours of work!).

PS> Colour was accidental and could not be reproduced, so please don’t ask me for specific colours yet on specific words, without coming up with how to do it :slight_smile:


Looks much better now! clean and clear.

let’s see how others see it


Maybe you could save up some space if you don’t write cost every line. Only at the top of the column in each category.


On a 22" screen (16:9)


The open brackets were necessary. As was the word use. Don’t ask me why.


the swords buffed…


@Ricemech88 I had modified the OP asking people not to edit the post. I lost the ability to edit it due to automatic locking of posts after a certain amount of time, at which point we had to convert it to wiki.

I do prefer that people post updates/changes as a post here and leave the editing of the OP to me, I like to create backups and track the changes. There’s an advantage to making the post in the thread because sometimes people do make mistakes or jump the gun and it gives an opportunity for feedback from the community - and additionally the new stats when you make them in a post instead of an edit will ping everyone with those new stats instead of ping them that a post somewhere else was edited.

In this case your edits bumped out my formatting and added some scrollbars to the text (at least on my screen) so I have to do a secondary edit anyways.

I still very much appreciate your contributions of course, very helpful!