~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Trust me I know he wouldn’t, but this is heating taken to insane levels lmao


393 heat 393 consumes hmm weird

soon hp will be useless


389 heat for the enemy and you.

Dual corrupt light plus this baby = total anihilation


For people who can handle self 800ish overheat… :joy:


much more drone and point arena oh crazy


I’ll give it a try but the auto heating is insane…
They really don’t like heat mech…
Cut that in half and it may be useful but heating yourself as much as u heat the enemy is ridiculous!


At some point, people really need to give them feedback and have it changed.

Otherwise this things useless and ruins a pretty amazing sprite.

should be like scope, 155 heat cost > 200+ heat dmg


I am probably to most heat oriented mech around and I don’t think I’ll be able to build something good with that!!!


The person wielding these will generally be a heat build and well prepared for heat. Use one or two of these on an energy player and you’ll overheat them and be able to get your energy back to keep them heat-locked with crimson rapture or another energy for heat damage weapon (or maybe it’s one of these +repulsor and then scope following turn).


Okay - What does everyone think of this formatting? I have no idea how it works so it’s a lot of trial and error and a little finicky and it takes a lot of tweaking but I think it looks great. To see it in action, go check the spoiler tag in the first post.

INTERCEPTOR  (309)  860 HP  193/56 Energy   265/80 Heat  Resists - 16P/22Ex/22El
ARCHIMOND(L) (329) 1051 HP  193/64 Energy   193/64 Heat  Resists - 16P/22Ex/22El
AVENGER      (350) 1242 HP  193/64 Energy   145/48 Heat  Resists - 16P/22Ex/22El

NIGHTMARE    (315)  879 HP  193/64 Energy   290/96 Heat  Resists - 22P/16Ex/22El
BRUTALITY    (341) 1033 HP  217/64 Energy   290/88 Heat  Resists - 22P/16Ex/22El
WINDIGO      (345)  982 HP  217/72 Energy  301/112 Heat  Resists - 22P/16Ex/22El
ZARKARES     (362) 1136 HP  193/64 Energy  312/112 Heat  Resists - 16P/24Ex/16El

SITH         (321)  930 HP 245/112 Energy   193/64 Heat  Resists - 22P/22Ex/16El
GRIMREAPER   (329)  879 HP 346/112 Energy   193/64 Heat  Resists - 22P/22Ex/16El
NAGA         (335)  982 HP 279/104 Energy   193/72 Heat  Resists - 22P/22Ex/16El


This is much cleaner, and easier to read. I actually prefer this to the current one (it’s not as bad but it can be confusing to read the items when they’re so close to each other).

I’m for this


I’m totally in for this ^^

Good luck to find out this works ^^


Same heating as cost?
Now this is an occasional weapon and a pretty wicked one at that…


How does everyone feel about the new format when there’s very long entries that force a side-scroll?
How does it look on the phone? I’m not sure at what point sidescroll is forced, I can manually start a second line but everyone’s computer would likely be different.


MAGMA BLAST    (57)  2-4 Range 243-463 ExDmg  93 HeatDmg -30 MaxHeat -13 ExRes -17 Cooling  1 Push 1 Use (0/31 Cost)
SORROW(L)      (71)  2-4 Range 163-213 ExDmg  93 HeatDmg -12 MaxHeat (0/31 Cost)
ABOMINATION(L) (70)  2-4 Range 212-307 ExDmg  71 HeatDmg -12 ExRes  1 Push  3 Uses (19/44 Cost)
HEAT BOMB      (37)  2-4 range   40-59 ExDmg 393 HeatDmg  1 Use  (0/393 Cost)


Awesome brotha…
I like it.


It forces you to scroll on mobile. Looks slightly better on computers. But I’d prefer the first one much more, was much easier to read on both mobile and PC.

Edit: forces both the first one and second to scroll on mobile. Guess there’s no way around that. But the first one worked best PC wise.


Hmm. I’m going to leave it for now and let more people weigh in on it.

I’m getting a fairly small sample size at the moment.


Yeah… bet that they are all busy grinding that item portal.


Much clearer. +1


es más como un arma para destruir trolls sin enfriamiento XD!