~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


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Andernut is the only person in the entire forum with a thread that has 50 likes.

damn daniel


He is the greatest, to have made this topic.
A must see topic befor evrything.


Nice topic @Andernut, thx for help new players on how to make the best mechs with mythical parts, thx for helping me with this topic :smiley: :blue_heart:


spartan and murmur maxed


Ok sir, i was just wondering :wink:

Indeed, this topic is one of the first that I read and it served me well as a database to create my spreadsheet.

[Tutorial] Homemade Workshop

any pics of big daddy?


dig babby pic


Added Flaminator’s and Hot Flash lines, I typed them a little under the others to let you place them where you want @Andernut, took as proof screenshots of @Aston_Roar in the official thread, need confirm for for the minimum explosive damage of Flaminator


It’d be the same as the energy version. Since both are nearly 100% identical. (Aside from weight/drain/heat dmg).


Yes, but I meant with a screenshot of maxed version as proof ^^

(@Everyone, don’t forgot that TerrorBlade still needs a proof for it’s 32 MaxHeatDmg…^^)


For anyone coming here for Heat Bomb Stats - Max Mythical is being reported as 393 heat cost and 393 heat damage by a Kongregate member.


Ty. Edit dat on the topic


Added Heat Bomb’s line with question marks on the stats needing Screenshot, and added EMP’s line with “Coming soon” tag

Sorry @Andernut if I messed up your post, feel free to check what I did ^^


Fixed it back to the spot I had it.



boiling taken to another level


Thanks to Kongregate Member Hamarius for that blazing-fast maxed mythical :slight_smile:


I can see @Rovolution destroying @lordgorgon heater with this…

that heat stat is so insane


Not gonna happen. Im not even sure rovo will use this. His builds are so finely tuned, im not sure if he could handle the overheat (and i can ;))