~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


By the way, Savior Resistance and Iron Plating are not mythicals. Why are they in this list ?

What is the usefullness of maximizing Savior Resistance ? (16 resist obtened at 27/30 level)


I had people ask early on and they’re pieces that people use despite maxing out at epic.

Also, it’s my party and I can do what I want to.


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He is the greatest, to have made this topic.
A must see topic befor evrything.


Nice topic @Andernut, thx for help new players on how to make the best mechs with mythical parts, thx for helping me with this topic :smiley: :blue_heart:


spartan and murmur maxed


Ok sir, i was just wondering :wink:

Indeed, this topic is one of the first that I read and it served me well as a database to create my spreadsheet.

[Tutorial] Homemade Workshop

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Added Flaminator’s and Hot Flash lines, I typed them a little under the others to let you place them where you want @Andernut, took as proof screenshots of @Aston_Roar in the official thread, need confirm for for the minimum explosive damage of Flaminator


It’d be the same as the energy version. Since both are nearly 100% identical. (Aside from weight/drain/heat dmg).


Yes, but I meant with a screenshot of maxed version as proof ^^

(@Everyone, don’t forgot that TerrorBlade still needs a proof for it’s 32 MaxHeatDmg…^^)


For anyone coming here for Heat Bomb Stats - Max Mythical is being reported as 393 heat cost and 393 heat damage by a Kongregate member.


Ty. Edit dat on the topic


Added Heat Bomb’s line with question marks on the stats needing Screenshot, and added EMP’s line with “Coming soon” tag

Sorry @Andernut if I messed up your post, feel free to check what I did ^^


Fixed it back to the spot I had it.



boiling taken to another level


Thanks to Kongregate Member Hamarius for that blazing-fast maxed mythical :slight_smile: