~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Edited, and still miss the TerrorBlade stat ^^ (yup, I want it bad to know ^^)


I don’t have my hands on it so its hard to say, but I could see a physical build which uses this (spider legs) for HP, packs less plates, adds energy engines, and then shreds everything with Spartan fury, DF, and nightfall.


this item has many disadvantages, the main one does not move this creates the need to change the rules, or if we do not see drone battles … in a hypothetical case both are isolated in corners without having means to use their weapons they will only expect their drones kill your rival …


I already discovered how the torso zarkares is made…which parts uses its form jjejeje


ma power al power, ya las tengo Q.Q!!!


That was shown a while ago?


anyone got the claw yet?


wait nevermind sorry


Edited main post to reflect The Claw’s new weight (109).


it is from king blincs new video, remember to subscribe to him channle, (and mine if you really want to)


this was added long ago, and king blinc is a known cheater/hacker. So screw subbing to his garbage channel.


and mine?
i thought hackers where kicked


Last I checked the mythical version weighed more than the legendary version. I’m not ingame now - did that change?



Check here


Thanks. Jeebus I can believe they did that. I was like “Oh sweet, they get it - lower weight lower hips at legendary OR higher weight and hps forcing you to sacrifice a weapon or utility item.”

Nope, no choices, just back to power creep.


corrected The Claw’s weight to 150 based on @LegacyMech’s SS

Edit: I just saw an official annoucment about it, it’s good


has magma blast “low” side explosive weapon 1 shot even at myth tier?


Not that much but okay




may i please remind everyone that this is a Maxed Mythicals Listing.