~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


thanks, but…
I meant the item with stats…


Apologies, one moment.

There the item with it’s stats. (at max myth).


Legacy item fam


Yoshimo X, asian looking torso…

High energy cap, decent heat cap, decent cooling, low regen (for the legacy times)

Mirrored item of USA mk I ^^


i remeber that torso i think it was the yoshima x


Were there any mythicals for Zakares, Mighty cannon, and Annihilation? Because if there aren’t I would like to put it in :stuck_out_tongue:


I am asian but I am not japanese. I am korean.
Also. I always here this at school.
“When you turn asian, you never miss an equation.”


Are you asking if those items were added? because they’re definitely there. As shown above, they’re in the listing. c:




I think we need a new pys torso and a new enegy torso, maybe a remix of some more legacy items?


We need a new nerf, of everything that is energy. Ffs make heat or physicals the new OP metas. Energies so retarded with little to no skill required.


yah because makeing my phy mech and heat mech was a challenge




fine then i just wanted to tell you


I’m sure the majority of the top players use heat and phys mech an the only standout Energy Mech user was Rising… I say it’s fine


Nah, no offense to you, since I know you’re an energy player. But having 300-400 energy drained in one turn is not at all fair to me. Energies been reigning OP since day one of reloaded. Heat/Phys need to take it’s mantel and destroy energy.

That or seriously considering matching their weapons to their heat counter parts (and removing that bloody extra damage bs).


No offence taken


Energy is only good when used properly. If your enemy has enough energy and regen then it’s massively hard to make energy useful. However, to do such a thing would require a massive amount of energy and regen.


Actually,not really everything.
I,for one,get destroyed when faced against heaters and physicals.
For some,I do agree.
Like the Valiant
189 drain with 30-ish cost.
So while I do my hardest draining him,he,with 30-something energy can kill half my battery?
While my Malice Beam drains 120-ish with 47 cost.
So less cost for more drain,huh.
I’d say either less drain or a bigger cost.

And actually,it does require skill.
Most of the times you just don’t drain them right away so you have to change tactics on the moment.
Plus don’t even make me go through battles against physicals or these that land a CL then move onto Desolation+closing range+drone.


Haha! that is just a tip of the iceberg… I am now pumping all my resources into my third Vailant Sniper. I am on the brink of getting level 10 energy drain (+20%). What it means is this: with standard drain of 189, after the buff a single Vailant will deal 226,8 drain (I am very curious what happens with the decimals, are they rounded up or down… anyone noticed that?). Make it two Vailants - 453,6 drain. And add Windforge - 91,2 drain. The total drain with Windforge deployed and in range 4+ will be no more, no less than… 544,8 energy less… That is basically the entirety of a medium-to-high rank energy mech… Not to mention any physicals or heaters… And imagine the damage after the opponent is drained… Damn, I need to steamroll these arena coins to boos energy damage as well…