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Then allow me to express it for you.

The cost is too high compared to the other drone.Well,both drones do pretty bad damage and are kinda useless.Especially Swoop.


To notice …

both drones are Legendary-to-Mythical only …

but collect a lot of dust in my inventory :exclamation:



Can you show one portrait picture or the GREEDY drone?
Thx '-)
I’ve never met or seen one I think…





but… i expected something…
different… to standard shape.

Only 20 weight, it should be
more unique!
and available.


Well, Windforge weights only 3 kg more than Swoop: 27 kg vs. 24 kg.

But it has far more energy drain (76) than Swoop has heat increase (58).
So the additional firing costs are quite unfair.
I bet any heat user who got Swoop would be glad to have it weight 3 kg more and have no energy cost in exchange.

But, well, since TS has no time for correcting such minor issues we’ll probably never that reviewed by the devs.

P.S.:I do have a heat mech but alas I do not have Swoop so it doesn’t affect me.
Especially since I have started using an energy mech as second mech for PvP and found out that that secondary energy mech with mostly legendary items and no myth module is actually just as strong as my fully mythed heat mech. lol.
2 Valiants + Malice Beam + LW + Windforge …
I think I’ll switch over to energy in the long run. :yum:


Remember the update in which the heat type got a drastic nerf?


Rice88 very quickly and clearly said - look different only in color.

Very weak damage, on the first steps less than three. You necessary to have a very high resistance and high impact mech with high НР to wait to make the drone’s benefits tangible. And Yes, the opponent also needs a high HP to make it noticeable. Use only as an additional weapon or a weapon of necessity.
And 10 kg are not critical usually, but in this case they do not cover the amount of weakness. I’ve tried to replace the void in different build for BB and in privat fights.
The result is unequivocal - the void.

The frequency of use of the subject by players-there is an indicator…
windforge I meet often.


I like the murmur drone alot


i wish i had one but sadly i do not


I have one lol


I have two :smirk:

But of course I only kept one… sorry


lol wrong thread woops.


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Last thing to check and the wiki’s completly up to date normally ^^

Just wondering, does anyone have a pic of that maxed myth please ? ^^


You ever see those drones that are literally these drones but just turned upside down


Armor annihilator
ARMOR ANNIHILATOR(L)-(17),2-4 Range,39-52 PysDmg,-30 PysRes,1 Use, (No Cost)

Here ya go.

Also thanks to Ricemech for the pic on his Mythical items png with maxed stats thread.