~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


All torsos
06 PM


I like some details in both, in the before one it looks more detailed with the lines and the one after looks more plain


Lightened version doesn’t match that much in my opinion


I always wanted to see zark without that “leg” thing


Energy Axe Weapon…


My dream



It looks like you have the physical version of storm weaver in your profile picture (Or is that the old legacy hammer item?)


I think it’s just a color edit


It is the Storm Weaver itself, just in negated colors


From a series of TV that had some years ago: “V alien invasion”. It was the same symbol with red letters.



@Zarkares… this is great!! I just saw it on google! This design is spectacular and really original.

Body Temp

This would add a new dimension to the game. Torsos that are made for certain legs and legs made to certain torsos …


Those “mech hounds” could be replaced with buggys


Or used as special bosses for hard portals


I seem to see it walking … !!


Edited :slight_smile:
Inverted colors are much lighter.


has anyone got the maxes stats for the enegy engien,heat engien, cooling engen and the regen engen


89/42 for both energy/heat engines. And 63 for both boosters.

They’re also in this thread too.


Nope. I never gotten a mythical module before ._.


I admit to confusion as to why you would request this information in a thread that had that information in the first post of the thread. Every item which can reach mythical status is already in the first post.


Being a bit blunt here, I think it’s because they didn’t want to look through the post for it. That or they somehow couldn’t find it?

(I’m just labeling it laziness).