~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Of topic… about 8maxed mith mechs worth of them.
Close to 120ish i think.


Wow i want that many


Can we do 8v8 later?


How many year have you played,and how much money have you spent in the game?


Thank you very much! @El_Metre :clap: :grinning: :+1:
Now, I have managed to make the card thanks to you…
And I understand why nobody risked investing in improving these legs hahaha

The life that removes the opponent, is compensated
with the little that it offers when mounting the own mech.

I think it’s very fair, it should only be calculated correctly
according to the weapons and modules used.


At least make the watermark 50%~ transparent


Or you know, get rid of it all together. Don’t get why people feel the need to put an obvious ass watermark on something that isn’t theirs.


What do you think @Andernut?


Nice alternative for people who want pictures to browse as opposed to list view for comparisons. I’ll link it from my OP if you like to make it easier for players to find when it’s done.


Eww, grave diggers are a little different 00 PM46 PM


This is tacticsoft, didn’t you see the fugly ass design changes they made to zark? they want their own touch on it (the ruining touch as I call it).


What did they change? I see no difference between the ones ingame and Killin’s vectorised ones


I originally sent them this but not sure how they got the V on the side, I swear I checked the file twice


They changed some details on the outer portion (they fit perfectly with mythed scorch feet), added a darker “face”, and some other shit I can’t recall. Lemme find some examples. One moment.

Unless Zark beats me there.


Wait, this was the original o___o

Holy hell, I thought the first version added was the first one. This changes what I’ve had to say now. Definitely different from the first version added and the current one…


(Zarkares)Zarkares 5

I believe this is the one ingame?




Which zarkares are better?
Galacto 5Zarkares

  • Before
  • After

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See the first version and one you showed me are the best. The TS variant is terrible, especially with the darkened face plate. Lord