~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Oh the seprah blade ok well I will first then


Yah I like energy free weapons like anislation


I’ve been maxing GraveDigger and I got up to 40 in mythical … and I stopped there.

Those legs are not useful for me. I lose almost 100 points of HP. In the very remote case that I get to use them, I move away from my opponent 2 places, which does not suit my phys. They do less dmg than annihilation and don´t lower resistance, therefore it´s better to use annihilation or mercy. That is, I don´t need them in the phys.

They could be relatively useful in heat (or not), but I always have the problem that remove too much HP.

I think are legs that favor energy, because they take them away from phys weapons energy free.

So, for now, new legs are on standby …


They are almost perfect for energy users because it counters annihilation and mercy


yah i heard they suck


I don´t work with my legs, except on very rare occasions. The weapons are so strong, you don´t need legs to damage. So the legs, to me, are just a way to balance HP and move.

I will not waste the only use of hook that I have to use these legs, I prefer annihilation.

It´s definitely an item made to energys. But it will also take away a lot of HP.


@Andernut If someone out there knows how to code, doing this would be way easier and more understandable


This is true for phys, heat and energy type legs sometimes needed.

and I just have to ask … why did you even start upping those new portal legs - just to check only?


Haha 5 stars sith :slight_smile:
So maybe should I make a topic with community ratings? It will be really nice to see what people think about items in game.

Well I think I will make it later and then we can start making these graphics.


I haven’t seen them maxed. Care to post the stats at 40 and how many hos/damage it adds to that total when you preview the upgrade from 40 to 50?


I think pictures added from each item now would be great, since as I noticed now also hidden statistics are shown there, or just a few items shows now the hidden statistics, not all :question:



i got heronmark at hard eep grave


WTF please tell me your joking



Making rules of 3 have much less damage than annihilation, don´t lower resistance (of course) and HP is quite miserable, less than the energy cart.


When I will max my energy (1 item left) I will definetely max these legs. But why?
For Phys build with dual Nightfall and physical orb :slight_smile:
It will definitely counter dual anni, will see if is good vs other builds.
@Wepwawet please show us stats of these legs?

Edit: @Wepwawet could you put them in upgrade and add some items (don’t need to click to see stats)


I already published it. But they are at 40 myths.


There you go… they are pure crap.

287 hp…


Eww it sucks…


How many maxed myths do you have? @El_Metre


Lucky af

Was that a league box or a premuim box?