~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


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Actualy, in my personal opinion as F2Player, the current team is incompetent. All attempts, in addition to Zachare, failed and hopeless. Attempts to attract more money from the players lie on the surface. However, despite the lie about the priority of new players, an impassable NonItemportal appears as current to burn tokens. The championship has turned into a swamp of stagnant three clans. The game is monotonous, with rare exceptions, no dynamics in fighting or in the development of the mechs.

In the presence of luck and advanced mech to go through the portal, but the question remains: for what and what it gives to the players.


In that color those legs look like they came from the '70s.


Grave Diggers “i am the 70’s”



These are already in the thread my dude


What’s with these?
What’s so special about these screenshots?


Look i know its not myth but it is still a good item




It’s still good I use 2 of them


i maked it out a minute ago its the 2nd one i have on my mech




I used to use devoring paws on my physical mech


That’s god mode head so we killed him to get his head


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hey remember when i asked for the max stats for the terror blade well i did it before anyone gave them to me 45


What you get something good


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i really want one of them they are so op


Oh :smile: I am so jealous